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about Me

I've always been obsessed with telling stories. 


While storytelling has always been a part of my "real" jobs — writing, editorial, content marketing, social media, online video, documentaries, and other creative pursuits — I've honed in on the delicate balance of telling deeply emotional stories that connect us and letting those stories serve a purpose. 

I created my own newspaper at age six, interviewed neighbors for a newsletter at age eight, and went on to write poetry, song lyrics, radio ad copy, and finally, my first novel at age ten. 

It was a shitty novel, but it was mine. 


This site is dedicated to all the stories to come. 



My Work

Want more detail about what I've been up to? Not a problem. 


Global Head of Content & Creative, FANDOM x 

FANDOM is the leading entertainment site for fans of all kinds. My job there is to create the best, most exciting, forward-thinking editorial, video, and social executions as head of our content-incubator-meets-creative-agency super team. 

We try new things. We create cool stuff for brands (Pepsi, Amazon, Pottermore, Hulu, Duracell, and a hell of a lot more). We work cross functionally with content, product, and sales to make a statement about our brand. It's pretty great. 

Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, CreativeLive

CreativeLive is the world's coolest online learning platform. It brings together the best instructors — Chris Burkard, Debbie Millman, Sir Richard Branson, and a lot more — with classes spanning from photography, film, writing, crafting, and creative entrepreneurship. 

Leading the integrated marketing team at a creative startup was pretty sweet. I got to hone my content marketing skills, lead design-focused-programs, and create everything from online classes to documentary short films as part of my job. 


Director, Brand Content & Editorial Sponsorships, POPSUGAR

There's no better place to call "work" when you're a millennial than POPSUGAR. I was with the company from its infancy all the way up till they became the leading online women's destination that it still is today. 

Samples, swag, sweets, and skilled colleagues. It was the time of my life. There, I led the native advertising and branded content team delivering brand-backed (Target, Burberry, Oreo, Chobani, Nike, Adidas, and hundreds more) and addictive online media to the masses. 


Just a few of the brands I've worked with: 



creative services

Put my brain and 11+ years of knowledge to work.



If you got a problem, yo, I'll solve it ... with my long history of creative strategy, planning, and execution. I'm easy going and can get along with pretty much anyone so my consulting services should go down like a fun afternoon with a friend. 

A quickie discovery call should get us on the right track. Basically I want to know everything about how your content, social media, or other creative endeavors are causing you stress, then helping you find a solution that works for you.  

Not in the Bay Area? All good — that's what technology and alarm clocks are for.  

content marketing

My work history has forced me to balance creativity and strategy, and lucky for you, content marketing requires both. Working in media and e-commerce served me well because now I can mix a mean content cocktail that services both the end user and the business. 

Not only that, but my experience in creative and design ensures I can serve up the right content to the right person at the right time (and in the right place) and make it look hella good, too. 


Taking an awesome idea from a seedling and helping it become a beautiful, blossoming flower takes a lot of coordination and a swiss army knife of skills. Producing is a lot like the knife. From shaping the idea to securing funding, from hiring to directing, overseeing production and post production management, I've been lucky enough to see (and do) it all. 

visual storytelling  

The written word is (and will always be) my first love, photography is my bff, and I'm in a satisfying, long-term relationship with video. Telling stories across multiple platforms and in different formats will always be a challenge I happily accept. I've created everything from online videos, online courses, commercials, teasers, short films, and documentaries. 

Despite the changing landscape of blogs to videos to social media to streaming services, film and TV, the one thing that connects them all is story. And story is the most important element to any visual medium, wouldn't you agree? 

online course marketing

Creating an online course but have no idea how to market it? Or do you already have a course in the wild but it's not performing the way you'd hoped? I totally get it. 

Marketing a course is less about the benefits of what you're teaching and more about the emotional connection to the end result. This important distinction is my North Star when marketing courses and something I can teach to increase sales and rabid fans.



I've been writing for a living for the last 10 years and in a lot of situations, I was writing for other brands on behalf of other brands so my writing voice got chameleon-like powers to twist, adjust, and mold to the task. 

If you've got blog posts, e-books, scripts, or other ideas floating around in your head, I can help you set them free.  

social media

I've been "doing" social for so long I feel like an old lady in the days of Snapchat, but unlike some of these growth hackers jacking up Twitter followers by playing games with algorithms, I know the WHY behind social right along with the HOW. 

Social is still a mystery to a lot of companies, but it doesn't have to be. 


editorial planning 

I've literally seen it all in the editorial department  — photo editor to assistant editor to community manager to associate editor to news editor to technology editor to social editor to senior editor to managing editor to editorial director to producer to creative director to head of content and creative over the course of 10 years. 

Editorial calendars? Yup. Production schedules? You bet. Tentpole, events, packages, programming, development, reporting, planning, budgets, and operations? Hell yeah. 

Need help with any of these? I got you. 

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.
— Erich Fromm



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