creatively attract your audience with Real talk, real emotion, and genuine communication.

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I’m a content marketer who's here to inspire you to authentically attract an audience using real talk, real emotion, and genuine communication.

I believe that vulnerability and following your gut will get you the gains, speaking from the heart will always trump a perfectly-worded "about me" page, and that selling (your products or yourself) doesn’t have to feel slimy.

Truth is, I haven’t always been this way. In fact, emotions and vulnerability were scary topics for me.

2016 ended up being the most challenging year of my life, and as it turns out, it was BECAUSE I wasn’t opening my heart. I wasn’t getting emotional. In fact, I was avoiding emotion and vulnerability it at all costs. My career (and my personal life) suffered because of it.

Once I cracked open the shell and started getting real with myself and others, my world opened up. 

I found more success at work, forged deeper relationships with my friends, my family, and my audience, and I found that selling products for my business wasn’t that hard at all.

In fact, when I peeled back the layers of WHY I was selling and HOW my products could change someone’s life, selling became easy.

This is why I develop content marketing strategies based around emotion and “The Real Why” of a personal brand or digital product. 

Because when you really drill down into the desires, the hopes, the dreams, and the fears of your ideal customer, avatar, or coveted member of your "tribe," the message goes straight to the heart. 

People buy with emotion, not with their heads.

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