I'm not Liam Neeson, but I do have my own "very particular" set of skills. 


  • Skills that I've acquired over the last 10 years of creating content, working with, and consulting brands like Nike, Hilton, Netflix, Revlon, Target, Burberry, Under Armor, Kraft, NBC, Chevy, Lowes, Ebay, Fitbit, Oreo, POPSUGAR, Refinery 29, Women's Health, and many (many) more. 

  • Skills that drive 3X more traffic in a year without spending a dime on advertising. 

  • Skills that have grown social communities by 5x in less than 6 months.

  • Skills that increased revenue by 2x in a year from social and content marketing. 

  • Skills that can put any baby to sleep in 5 minutes or less (true story). 


I'm Kristy Ellington, and throughout my career as an editor > content strategist > social media manager > director of integrated marketing, I've learned everything there is to know about creating quality content that drives traffic, conversions, and revenue, and creating a brand that people LOVE. I've developed, created, and marketed content for micro businesses, big publishers, and huge brands on budgets that range from minuscule to massive. 


And because of all that juicy experience, I know how you can turn your BUSINESS into a moneymaking machine.


I also know how you can attract your perfect customer by marketing yourself and your business with emotion and authenticity instead of insincere or shady tactics.

I want to help you build a business that you, and your ideal customers can fall in love with again and again. Want to do it together? Would rather get started on your own? I got you covered.