13 Amazing Things We Learned From Barbara Corcoran's Reddit IAMA

Friday nights are my guilty pleasure for three reasons: pajamas, wine, and Shark Tank. Actually, make that four reasons: takeout. Real sexy, I know. But after a long week of working, mothering, wifing, building blogs, products, and my business, I JUST want to veg out and watch Kevin O'Leary hand someone's smug start-up ass back to themselves on national TV with a glass of Malbec and a slice of pizza. 


And while Kevin is endlessly entertaining, Barbara Corcoran is one of my favorites. She's kind, patient, and while sometimes it seems she's making the worst investment ever, you see her later on one of those recaps and she's being honored at some Alabama state fair and making millions every year. 

Maybe it has something to do with her backstory — she started her first business with $1,000 and turned it into a $66 million dollar company which she sold to spend more time with her kids. That's bootstrapping, baby, but it's also incredible because she was only offered $33 million for it at the time, but wouldn't take less than the $66 million figure she totally pulled out of her ass. 

Inspirational, I tell you. 

So of course I was excited to find out that Barbara did a Reddit IAMA earlier this month. Reddit IAMAs are Q&A sessions (the Ask Me Anything in the AMA) with the Reddit community (If you don't know what Reddit is, take a look here), that usually produces some amazing insights into their lives, personalities, or businesses. All three are especially true for Barbara's IAMA, who revealed incredible nuggets of wisdom AND jaw-dropping tidbits that lead me to believe she's not only a genius and a total horndog, but a firecracker whom I'd LOVE to have a couple of drinks with. 

She kept it VERY 100 during her IAMA, and here are the top 13 things you should know. 


She'd bone Mark Cuban any day of the week

"From what he looks like in a suit, I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed." 


She says Robert Herjavec is gay

This one shocked me: "In my opinion, Robert should come out of the closet." What!? 


She slept with some dude she met while waitressing to get her first $1,000 loan

"A guy walked into the diner while I was waitressing, gave me a ride home that night and the rest is history." 


But despite what you think, she was actually with him for six months before either of them got the goodies

When asked what she'd do differently if starting from scratch today, Barbara says: "I would have slept with my boyfriend sooner rather than waiting for six months. I could have gotten my hands on that $1,000 and been off and running sooner."  


She says you (yes, YOU) should definitely stop wasting time "getting ready" to launch anything

. . . And actually get the damn thing out the door, already: "Spending time perfecting things and getting ready always keeps you at the gate. You need to get in the race." 


She thinks the most poisonous thing an entrepreneur can experience is self-doubt

"What gets in the way of all young business is self-doubt. The little poisonous voice inside all of us that whispers 'don’t go there. You can’t do it. Don’t take the chance.' It took me 20 years to kill that voice and set myself free." 


She says you should stop reading so many damn business books

"You shouldn’t be reading any books before venturing out. Get out there now and then read them as you’re working.


But if you are reading, take time to read this one

"Still the best business book I’ve ever read is How To Win Friends and Influence People. Nothing better." 


She's a Game of Thrones fan

"My favorite is Tyrion and he has redefined, for me, what makes a man!" 


She advocates for daydreaming and not obsessing over being "book smart"

Upon reflecting on being a straight D-student in high school: "The great thing about being a stupid student, is you have the whole damn day to daydream. And daydreaming, about who you want to be, is a heck of a lot more useful than a rock-solid business plan." 


She knows how you should spend a spare $10,000

"The ONLY thing worth investing in is yourself. And so the real question is — what do you feel passionate about? Is there an angle you could work that would make you some money?" 


She also knows the one thing that keeps people from success

"Fear. The fear of failure." 


But that fear means something more

"The real question is . . . what makes you fearful of failing? It’s usually lack of self-esteem (or your parents did a number on you)."


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Source: Source: Barbara Corcoran Instagram