2 Things Missing From Your Blog Posts That are Costing You Visitors

No one ever said that blogging was easy. Especially considering the million-and-one little things you have to do to grow traffic to your blog and turn it into something respectable so you can actually make money from it. Add in a family, some kids, and possibly a day job and keeping up with a blog could be one of the hardest things you could do. 

But it's so rewarding because it's YOURS, and that my friends, is such a good feeling. 


So what happens when you're doing all the right things to grow your blog's audience — posting on a consistent schedule, marketing yourself on social media, collaborating with other bloggers, and setting goals — but nothing's happening and your Google Analytics says you've pulled a Nelson and totally flatlined?  

It could be that you're missing two very key elements in your blog posts that encourage shares and engagement and return visits. Don't panic — there's hope for resuscitation, just take a step back and assess if your content includes these two things: 


Emotion is the basis for all good content. If your reader doesn't FEEL something one way or another, you're not doing anything for them and they have no reason to come back to you later. Think about it — the most memorable and helpful blog posts come with an emotion of hope, inspiration, and understanding. The ones you share on Facebook are probably those drenched in humor, love, disgust, and sadness, or basically, the entire cast of Pixar's Inside Out

Your post doesn't have to stick with one emotion, either — you can take your readers on an emotional journey through your content. Maybe your post starts out at rock bottom, then lifts your reader up into a state of relief and joy. You've done your job. 


It's one thing to entertain your reader while they're on the page, but what do you want to do with it when they're done? Your answer could be as simple as "share it," in which case, having a very clear emotional angle will help you, but it could also be to join your email list, or visit another blog post, or watch a video, or click a specific link, or buy something from you.

This is especially important for those doing affiliate marketing — pick ONE link you want to focus on and create a post around that. Drive your readers to take one action, instead of listing a handful of links that really only creates a jumbled mess of confusion. And confusion, by the way, is one emotion you don't want your readers feeling when they read your blog. 

What to Do Now  

Here's what I do — when I'm brainstorming blog posts, I'll write two lines below every idea: 

What do I want my reader to feel after reading this post? 

What do I want my reader to do with this post? 

This helps me get SUPER clear on my goals for each post, and I keep these two things in mind when I'm writing the content. For example, this post had an emotion of fear. I know what a strong reaction for change fear ignites in humans, so I created a headline and an opening sequence that set it up. For my action, I wanted you to save the post in some way (by bookmarking and referring back to it later) and downloading the freebie I'm about to tell you about. 


Over the last 8 years, I've collected SO MANY ways to brainstorm blog ideas, and I know that idea generation is something that lots of you struggle with. So I wrote down every trick, hack, prompt, and secret method that I use to come up with smart and creative blog posts. This is everything from holidays to seasons to trends. It's all in there. You can download it FOR FREE (yes, free!) by clicking the button below and stop struggling when you sit down to write! 


You know what? I've actually got an extra little bonus for you. Click here to download a fun printable, which you can print and post next to your desk. It'll remind you that emotion is key to successful blog posts, and give you some inspiration on what emotions you want your readers to feel. 

Source: Unsplash