5 Reasons Why Blogging For Business is Not a Big Fat Waste of Time

When I suggest blogging to my clients, I get one of two responses back: 1) they start listing off excuses about how they're afraid they won't do it right or say something wrong, or 2) they're under the impression that it's a big fat waste of time. Fact: blogging is NOT a big fat waste of time. Not only is it a great marketing tool that will bring eyeballs to your website, but you're using the knowledge that you already have about your product and genre to teach people something for free. Another fact: people love learning for free. Free is always a winner. Always. Want to know more? Below, five reasons why blogging is great for your business.

  1. Your business will be more visible in search — When people turn to Google to search for the best soccer gear, potting soil, or gluten-free recipes, your blog posts will show up, leading new customers and eyeballs to your website (and business). Essentially, you're marketing your business to new customers via search.
  2. You'll solidify your position as an expert — Giving away free (usable and accurate) advice and tips is a great way to show you know your shit.
  3. Earn trust — Once people realize that you do, in fact, know your shit, they'll look to you for future information. They'll bookmark your site, add you to their RSS feeds, email inboxes, and eventually, buy your products.
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  1. You'll build a community — The best part about all this blogging is the community that starts to build around your blog and business. Readers will start commenting on your blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates, adding insight that you might not have considered. They'll weigh in, ask questions, and leave feedback which is priceless since it allows you to tweak your content, products, and even streamline your biz based on these new perspectives.
  2. You'll earn loyalty — Once you get your groove on with blogging, replying to questions, and getting to know your growing community, you'll earn the one thing that makes all this work worth it: loyalty. Customers will turn to you for advice, and buy products from you because they trust you, and they trust you because you've earned it with all this amazing, accurate, and well-informed information you've been providing for free. It's the (blogging) circle of life, no?

What's keeping you on the fence about blogging for your business? Are you afraid to dive in, or are you still convinced it's not worth it?

Source: Flickr user racheocity