Tips For Creating Awesome YouTube Videos (That Will Make You Money)

OMG you guys — a recent report says that in the next three years, online videos will account for 90 percent of Internet traffic! That's serious shit, so if you haven't already incorporated streaming video into your social strategy (or your business strategy), you better get on the ball. And while you're thinking about where to host your video, chew on this: YouTube accounts for 22 percent of mobile data bandwidth usage and 52 percent of total video streaming. YouTube is where it's at my friends, and its only going to get bigger, especially since it announced premium content channels from the likes of Jay-Z, the Wall Street Journal and lots more. Though you may not have the backing of a major company, you can get a slice of the video streaming pie. Here's a few tips on how to create, optimize, and promote your videos on YouTube.
  • Start out right — Get yourself a quality camera (maybe something like the Samsung MV800, the Sony NEX-3, or the Sony HDR-CX160. Basically, you're going to want a camera that shoots HD video, and preferably, a LCD screen that flips forward so you can see yourself while you're recording. Also, make sure your room is well lit from multiple angles to prevent shadows.
  • Pick up the pace — You may have a lot to say in your videos, but make sure the pacing is quick, efficient, and you have thought out what you want to say in a short period of time. No one will sit through a 10-minute video of you fumbling around with your words. There's nothing wrong with multiple cuts.
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  • Cut it together — YouTube provides built-in editing tools for simple cuts, but you can get more involved in your editing with a program like Final Cut or iMovie.
  • Lay off the music — Even if you're creating original content that you can monetize from ads or the YouTube Partner Program, if you're playing music in the background that holds a copyright, you're effed and won't make a dime. So next time you get the urge to play a Lady Gaga tune behind your inspirational speech. Think twice.
  • Optimize — Don't just toss your video up on your channel. Make sure you title your video with the proper keywords, add in as many tags as you can, and fill out a few sentences in the video description area, focusing on SEO-friendly keywords first. Since YouTube videos show up in Google results, you'll want to have the best chance to be found by the searching masses.
  • Keep 'em coming — Just like blog posts, keep your channel fresh with new content on a regular basis. Whether this is once a week, twice a week, or more, your audience (and hopefully, subscribers) will expect to see something new on a regular basis.