Use Photos in Your Facebook Stream to Drive Engagement

I know the question that keeps you up at night: How do I drive more engagement on my Facebook fan page? Surely, you're one of the many that hunt and peck for answers — asking open-ended questions, posting polls, asking what they had for lunch today — but according to digital marketing agency WebLiquid, you're doing it wrong.

WebLiquid discovered that brands who posted photos in their stream saw a 37% engagement rate (engagement = likes, comments, or shares) verses links, which received only 15% engagement.Not only that, but telling your fans what to do with a post shows higher engagement rates. In fact, Momentus Media found that posts containing the word "like" in it received a 38% engagement rate compared to posts that said "comment," which only received 14%. Even worse? If you don't tell your fans to "comment" or "like," you're stuck with just 11% engagement (that sucks).

The Lesson Experiment with posting photos in your stream more often, and ask your fans to engage with you (just don't let me catch you begging, mmkay?)! But most of all — make sure each Facebook post adds value to your fans' lives. Don't let your Facebook page become a carbon copy or RSS feed of your website or blog. That's totally boring anyways, don't you think?