5 Ways to Beat Blogging Burnout

Blogging is one of the most cost effective ways to get your business seen by more eyes on the Internet. Not only are you sharing valuable information that potential customers can use, you're nurturing an entire community around you and your business. But knowing that you'll have to blog three to five times a week (or more) to really make an impact on pageviews, visits, and conversions, can make a girl stress harder than she does on a first date.

New bloggers run the risk of burnout since banking up a reservoir of "OMG-I-absolutely-must-read-this" content ideas is hard work, and you don't see the amazing pageview results or sales right away. But let's be frank - this is exactly why you didn't lose that last 10 pounds last summer. You gave up too quickly and didn't put in all the effort you could to make your regime a success. Just sayin'.

How do you churn out great content while keeping blogging burnout at bay? Here's five tips to get you started and keep you on the path to blogging success.

  1. Get your goals in order — What do you want to achieve by blogging? If your main goal is to get more sales, then start there and work backwards. What will you have to do in order to increase sales? You'll need to have a steady stream of visits to your website. How will you get more views? By producing content on your blog and getting some links back from strategic websites. How will you get the links back? By pitching it out to bloggers and press, guest posting, and being an expert source for information.
  2. Plan your content ahead of time — I can't stress enough how important a content calendar is for new bloggers (and old pros alike). Getting your ideas down and on a calendar holds you accountable for this content, but makes things so much easier since you don't have to worry about sitting down at your computer every morning and asking yourself "What should I blog about today?"
  3. Brainstorm with other businesswomen in your niche — Got a group of motivated women that are in the same blogging boat? Lift each other up and start a blogging brainstorm group in your town. Get together over a cocktail once or twice a month and start talking about upcoming holidays, themes, announcements and events, and see if you can find a relatable angle for each of you. It's like your own small business editorial meeting!
  4. Get a guest poster — Using a guest post on your blog is a great way to expose a writer's audience to your business, but also gives you some time off. Taking a vacation and are worried about your website traffic tanking (and you should be!)? Setting up three to five guest posters for a week will allow you to vacation worry-free. Ask one of your employees to post for you, ask a blogger in your genre, or maybe one of the other women in your blogging brainstorm meetings would be able to take a new angle and create content that is fit for your audience.
  5. Plan time for engagement — Social media can be the last thing small business owners and new bloggers want to think about, but it should be of high importance. Creating a community and starting to engage with a worldwide audience is key to building traffic and increasing sales, so instead of putting this off, schedule blocks of time during your day for social actions.

How do you fight off blogging burnout? Do me a favor and list your top, number one tip for staying positive when it comes to blogging in the comments below. Your fellow readers will love you for it!

Source: Flickr user MattsMacintosh