How To: Weave a Web of New Customers Through Content

Traditional marketing methods (along with their blockbuster budgets) may be great for major corporations, but what about you, the solopreneuer or small biz owner, that needs to find a way to ensnare a steady stream of new customers so you can keep doing your thang without dropping your life savings? You don't need super powers like The Amazing Spider-Man - simply creating content that your untapped audience is already looking for online will have your fans lining up to buy from you.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You are incredibly passionate about your business. Your life's goals are to sell your wares, your services, or your knowledge of your chosen field, bank up a nice savings, and die a happy camper knowing you lived your life the way you wanted to, not following the rules of someone else's life or working your tail off for someone else's dream. It's what we all want, right? So why not share some of that passion of - whatever it is that you're doing - online? Sharing your knowledge in the form of blogs, videos, audio, and photos, is one of the best marketing strategies you can incorporate. . . and the only cost is your time and effort. Say you're a videographer, who specializes in weddings and family events. This is a very competitive space. How do I know? Just enter the term "wedding videographer" into Google and you'll get upwards of three million results. So how do you step away from the crowd and make yourself seen (and heard) above the dull roar of other artists trying to score their next gig? Content, my friend. Let'start with a blog: publishing a blog that offers DIY tips, news, and industry insights not only shows that you know what you're doing (and you'd better know what you're doing), but it also gives more opportunity for Google to index you in search, making your website rise to the top of the list.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, so publishing a video on how to use a DSLR to shoot video, a review of a new camera, or how to frame your shots will also send viewers to you and your website, increasing your chances of being found in search even further. The trick is, to make quality content that is relevant and searchable so other sites will want to link to it. You can't just throw up a blog and fill it with random ramblings and expect a "If you build it, they will come" situation. It is imperative that you really focus here to make sure you're giving accurate information so that your potential customers trust that your skills are legit. So now you're thinking - "What does all this have to do with getting new customers?" Who would you rather hire - the guy that has a ton of content (like described above) that shows he really knows his shit, or the dude that just has a static webpage with his contact info? Exactly.

So you're on board, right? Awesome. I'm gonna do you a solid here and cover 10 simple content ideas to get you started after the break. See? Sharing the knowledge. It's a good thing.

10 Content Ideas to Kick Your Biz Into High Gear 

  1. Review a new product, or a product that you sell
  2. Your take on a relevant news item
  3. Answer a few frequently asked questions about your industry
  4. Teach people how to do something
  5. Interview a prominent figure from your industry
  6. A screencast on how to use an app, plug-in, or tool
  7. Talk about a trending topic and how it relates to your industry
  8. Create a gift guide for the holidays
  9. Create a list of helpful items relating to your industry
  10. Recommend a book that relates to your business
  11. Give people a behind-the-scenes look at your operation
That's 10 days worth of content right there! Still have questions on whether or not this whole blogging and content creation thing will work for you? Here's a few more reasons why you should be blogging to increase sales in your biz.

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