July Picks For a Happy Office

That feeling you get when you find a sick pair of jeans that fit you just right, come across the perfect pair of shoes, or score a shirt that makes your rack look h-o-t? It makes you feel good, and confident, and PUMPED about being seen. Now take that feeling and apply it to your home office. Creating kick-ass content requires the juices to be flowing at their maximum, and these treats for your desk, your skull, and your well-being will get you high on excitement, and ready to spend hours blogging, networking, and getting your business out there. Check out a few of my favorite picks for this month that will kick off July in a creative space.

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  1. Instead of putting a print inside this Ung Drill picture frame from Ikea ($30), why not insert a cork board for a stylish way to pin notes, reminders, and inspiration to your wall?
  2. Available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and — shocker — WebOS devices, Evernote (Free) is my must-have app for capturing reminders, whether in webpage, photo, or note form.
  3. The new Apple MacBook Air (from $999) is still the sickest and lightest laptop on the market, and it just got faster with the inclusion if an Ivy Bridge processor. Translation: it's wicked fast.
  4. How amazing is this Folio Oyster leather office chair ($400)? Sure, it's probably more expensive than your average seat, but I like that it doesn't have arm rests that will knock up against my desk, and adjusts to any height so if I decide to change up my desk, I can without a prob.
  5. There's something to be said about pretty desk accessories, and this Freshly Picked leather mouse pad ($35) is just the thing to brighten things up a bit.
  6. I'm not gonna lie — I need a ton of coffee to get me through the day, and this Owl Mug ($10) from West Elm is big enough to get the job done.
  7. Journals may be a novelty to some, but physically writing things down, especially in a beautiful notebook like the After A While journal ($28), helps to develop fledgling ideas, increases memory capacity, and recall. No joke.
  8. If you do need to get out of the office, or share the space with your partner who just can't go one more minute without watching a movie, these Opportunity Rocks headphones ($38) will keep the background sound effects out, and you focused on whatever tunes you're jamming to.