Malware Monday: 4 Things to Do Instead of Surfing the Internet

Malware Monday is here, and if your computer has been infected, well, you're probably not reading this post right now! Internet downtime may make some of us turn into The Incredible Hulk (and by some of us, I mean me) since these days, our entire lives and livelihood of our businesses lives in the cloud, accessible only by the magic of the Internet. Being without can seem like the end of the world as we know it. Or could just be really fucking irritating.
Malware Monday

But just because you can't access the web, doesn't mean there isn't something you could be doing to better yourself and your small business. Here, four simple things you can do during Internet downtime to stay productive and on top of your game. Cause let's face it — Hulk Smashing your way through the day isn't helpful.

  1. Brainstorm new post ideas for your editorial calendar — Consider using a mindmap and draw that sucker out on a chalkboard, paper, or whiteboard.
  2. Read a book — Getting out of your own head will open up the floodgates to creativity.
  3. Organize your workstation — A messy desk breeds inefficiency, so keep yours clean.
  4. Get outside — Have you been working so hard that you've forgotten to exercise? Now is a good time to fit that in. Exercise will help clear your mind, reduce anxiety, and makes you feel better about yourself in general. Get that blood pumping! Besides, you'll need to stay in tip-top shape to run your business effectively.

How do you take advantage of Internet downtime?

Source: Flickr user tienvijftien