What Batman Can Teach You About Content Creation

You may not have superpowers of your own, but becoming a blogging superhero doesn't have to be based in fantasy. One of the world's most famous comic book caped crusaders, Batman, can actually teach you a thing or two about blogging and connecting with an audience. Get to know Batman a little better, and learn how his dominant personality traits can help you create content like a champ.
  • Be Brave — Though Bruce Wayne could be seen as a vigilante psychopath, he's one brave vigilante psychopath. Just like Batman, you need to be brave and have an opinion. The worst thing you can do on the Internet when you're trying to grow a following is be wishy-washy and not take a stance on what you believe in. Infuse your content with your unique voice and view on life.
  • Be Dynamic — As mentioned above, Bruce Wayne/Batman may be batshit crazy, but he's also a wealthy and philanthropic playboy. There are so many facets to him, which is part of his appeal. Make sure your content is dynamic, too. Whether you're creating blog posts, photo galleries, videos, custom reports or infographics (I recommend using Infogr.am. It's free!), readers will be attracted to your site for its diverse content types.
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  • Be CharitableNurture your community by giving them time, attention, and love. Reply to comments, tweets, and Facebook posts, and leave comments on blogs that you admire. Give and they will give in return.
  • Be Devoted — Batman has a razor-sharp focus on bringing justice to Gotham . . . well, when he's not out with the ladies that is. But I digress. Take a que from the Batman's devotion to crime fighting and apply it to your own blog. Just because you don't see an increase in traffic or sales right away, doesn't mean you should give up. Keep chugging away, study your SEO practices, and you will eventually see results.
  • Stay at the Top of Your Game — Batman is incredibly fit, agile, healthy, and a trained martial artist. Stay that way yourself by practicing your craft daily, but also taking the time to keep your bod healthy with exercise. Exercise clears the mind and gets your creative juices flowing. You never know what you'll think up during mile five on the treadmill!

Are you inspired by Batman? Do me a favor and in the comments, share one trait that Batman possesses that you could use to take your content to the next level.

Source: IMDB