What Should I Blog About? Ideas For Creating Timely Content: Week of July 30

It's Monday, which means there are seven whole days ahead that offer the chance to create content with fiery passion, unabashed enthusiasm, and crystal clear relevance to what is going on in the world today. I get asked the question "What should I blog about?" all the time, and while there are many different subjects and specialities, topics can usually be slanted to fit any major event, holiday, or trending topic.

No matter what your specialty, consider adding your own personal and professional spin to these topics.

The Olympics — All Week Whether it's writing about the athletes themselves, the games, the location, or the news. Here's a few examples:
  • How to train like an Olympian — This could go above and beyond fitness to cover subjects like finance, time management, social media, consulting, shopping, and more.
  • What you can learn from the athletes — Michael Phelps went from Olympic darling four years ago to not even placing in the final heats this year. What advice would you give someone who obviously needs a "comeback"? What you can learn from an Olympian's drive, focus, and passion? How can you infuse those qualities in your own (or your customers') life?
  • London — Where would you recommend people visit while in London? How can they get around town without waiting for a taxi? Any tourist traps to avoid? Any hidden secrets that a visiting athlete or armchair Olympian must visit? What are some of the ways your smartphone can help you get around?What are some of the local food traditions? Tell us about the city, its history, and its culture. How can you make your London Olympic visit budget-friendly? What are the current fashion trends, and how can you incorporate them in your wardrobe? Is there a London style you can emulate in your own life?

Get more blogging ideas after the break!
Simplify Your Life Week — 8/1-8/7 Instead of writing an entire post about how your business can help simplify your customer's lives (that would be pretty salesy, no?), give some tips on how to simplify your life based on your chosen business expertise. Are you a fitness instructor? Write give some tips on how to streamline and simplify your workouts, or apps that help you keep a paper-free food and workout diary. Are there ways to simplify your financial life? Offer a list of dashboards that can help keep track of spending and saving.

Father-in-Law Day — July 30 It's true — this is a real holiday, so you might as well take advantage of it if you can! What can you learn from in-laws? Do you have any tips to make the transition easier? What is your father-in-law's favorite food/TV show or movie/article of clothing/quote/story/ect.

Cheesecake Day — July 30 If you're a foodie, or run a food-based business, today is awesome for you.

Girlfriends Day — August 1 Gather your gals and brainstorm some ideas on how to represent Girlfriends day over a few cocktails. What lessons can you learn from your best girlfriends? Are there any quotes from famous people about best friends? Why is having a best girlfriend beneficial to someone's life? How can you recruit your best girl to reach your goals? Where are the best vacation locations for BFFs?

Source: Flickr user spcbrass