How To Create Content and Stay Sane Part 1: Monthly Planning

Creating must-read, unmissable, bookmark-worthy content takes giant amounts of time, effort, and balls of steel, but it's nothing you can't get under control with this little hack: schedule your content and social efforts in blocks of time. How do the pros do it? Monthly editorial meetings, baby. This is where everyone gets together and discusses upcoming themes, holidays, events, and releases. It's the secret to always-fresh, timely, and smart content.

Instead of spending each morning banging your head against the wall trying to come up with something to blog about, take one whole day to plan out every single piece of content you expect to execute in the next 30, 60, even 90 days if you can swing it. Really go for it, and I mean, throw yourself into this creative process and you will come up with some amazing ideas. Write everything down. DO NOT EDIT YOURSELF at this point. Nothing gets erased, nothing goes in the trash. Nothing gets crossed off. Blog posts, videos, photos, all of it. Wine may need to be involved, so stock up.

But maybe you're like "UGH. I'm just not getting enough ideas. I suck at this." And want to throw your notebook (and laptop?) into the nearest body of water, never to hear the words "content" or "social media" ever again.

Three things: Take a deep breath. You do not suck. This shit is hard. (See first paragraph.) Get a change of scenery and take your brainstorm sesh offsite. Go to the park, the beach, hell, go take a solo overnighter, anything to get a clear head and view of something other than the four office walls you stare at on a daily basis. But there is another way to brainstorm craploads of fan-frigging-tastic content ideas in one weekend, and as you may have guessed, it may also involve wine. But it also involves some company. Kinda like your very own editorial department.


Get the lowdown on unlocking your creativity, gathering a long list of killer content ideas, and having massive amounts of fun after the break.

Want to know how to come up with some seriously inspired content ideas? I love, love, LOVE doing this — create your own editorial department of sorts by gathering up some of your other business-y female friends and running your very own content hackathon. This 24-hour creative council is wildly gratifying and bolsters creative confidence for everyone involved. It doesn't even matter if your friends are in the same niche as you, in fact, that might even be better since you'll get a brand spankin' new perspective on what readers might want to see on your website.

For 24 hours, you and your business besties' only goal is to come up with the most diverse, addictive and mouth-wateringly creative content ideas for one another. Set aside blocks of time (heyooo - another time block!) for each of you, and start throwing out ideas. Go all night! Don't stop! Get crazy! Be wildly unbridled. Don't erase anything! Every idea is write-downable! Take breaks for meals, walks, nature hikes, maybe even some yoga. Experiment with photography for your blog while you're at it. Embrace the idea of creation in every aspect. Breathe it in, bathe in it, and roll around in it. Let it envelop you completely. It might end up being your very favorite part of your business.

Your editorial "department" already sounds so much more exciting than the rest of them out there.

How do you come up with creative content for your business? Share your methods in the comments and be sure to stay tuned for the rest of this series where we'll cover how to schedule content blocks on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis.

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