How to Create Content and Stay Sane Part 2: Weekly

You want to do content like the pros? Having a monthly brainstorming session with yourself, your staff, or your gaggle of best business gals is the best way to plan content ahead of time. But the fun isn't over there, my friends. Professional bloggers also meet weekly to talk current events. The secret sauce behind timely content isn't just sticking to your monthly editorial calendar: it's updating and reworking what you've got to allow for news and unexpected events.

Consider your editorial calendar a puzzle and content like pieces you're constantly moving and reworking to fit. Once those pieces make sense, it electrifies and energizes your blog.

Weekly Content Planning

You already knew this content thing would be hard work, but it does not have to take over your life. One way to keep the content train moving full steam ahead without flaking on the rest of your existence is to write all of your weekly content in one day. Take a few hours or half your slowest day of the week (we all have one - mine is Tuesday) and go on a writing binge. Get it all out there. Every post and video you had placed on your meticulously-planned editorial calendar for the next five to seven days.

But here's the catch — you must be willing to re-evaluate the upcoming week and totally wipe the slate clean if the posts you're about to write no longer seem relevant, timely, or provide value to your customers. Keep a journal or an app like Evernote on you at all times to write down new ideas and if your planned content seems stale (the kiss of death for new bloggers, but a trap that is easy to fall into), then kick that shit to the curb and jack up the volume with something new and fresh.

Get the lowdown on how you can stay on top of current happenings after the break.

You must read the news online or watch it on the boob tube, so you have a general idea of what is going on in the world. Always look at the top stories with an analytical eye. How can each topic be spun to fit your genre?

One simple, easy like Sunday morning way to stay on top of current happenings is by checking out my weekly What Should I Blog About posts that hit the site every Monday. Kicking your brain juices into high gear, I cover a few top topics that are trending, happening, and upcoming that anyone can cover no matter what their industry speciality.

Today, I'd love to know two things:
  1. How do you currently work writing or content creation in your schedule?
  2. What's the biggest content creation challenge you face?

Leave your thoughts, questions, stories, and battle scars in the comments so we can discuss.

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