What Should I Blog About? Ideas For Timely Content: Week of August 20

Trends move fast online, but What Should I Blog About? is here to keep you updated on upcoming topics to look out for so you can plan ahead. Check out what's coming up this week, and what's happening right now.

Tony Scott Suicide News
Tony Scott
It was confirmed last night that Top Gun, Prometheus, and Man on Fire director Tony Scott died after jumping off of a bridge in San Pedro. Incredibly sad news for any film fanatic, and as you might expect, it's trending on both Google and Twitter at the time of this post. Taking a look at his IMDB page can show you just how many films and TV shows he brought to life. Honorary posts are a good way to cover this news (dissecting his directorial style, the films he chose, or what his movies can teach you about life, love, or success), but if suicide lands in your realm of expertise, exploring it could be an important avenue as well.

As with all untimely death news, please keep it classy out there.

Pussy Riot
So a band walks into a church . . .

No really, that's how the Pussy Riot story begins. Back in March, three members of the band performed a peaceful protest song inside an orthodox cathedral, and have since been jailed and sentenced to two years' imprisionment. This is a hot topic online and is only gaining steam since the "Free Pussy Riot" movement has begun. Women, religion, freedom of speech and expression, justice, all of these topics could be touched from this news story.

National Dog Day
It's Sunday! An ode to your furry friends, what can your relationship teach you about life? About business? About friendship? About living in the moment? About loyalty?

Women's Equality Day
We celebrate National Women's Equality Day this Sunday, August 26th, and it's the perfect time to highlight the women in your industry that have, or are, making a difference. How has the role of women changed over the past 92 years since given the right to vote on this day in 1920? What does the future look like for us in your respective industries? Is there still room for change? What can the careers of the most important women in your industries teach you?

Will you be covering any of these topics this week or have others you'd like to talk about? Let's discuss them in the comments!

Source: IMDB