Blog Theory 101: Why You Need a Blog (And How It Can Make You Money)

When I suggest blogging to small business owners, I usually get one of two knee-jerk responses back:

  1. A list of excuses about how they're afraid they won't do it right, or say something wrong.
  2. They're under the impression that it's a big fat waste of time.

Fact: blogging is NOT a big fat waste of time. It's a great marketing tool that will bring eyeballs to your website. How? A blog gives you a platform to harness the knowledge you have about your industry and teach people something for free. Another fact: people love learning for free. Free is always a winner. Always.

Why? Well, maybe cause deep down we're all cheap bastards.

What is a Blog and Blogging for Beginners

But here's something else: When you give things away for free (especially educational things that'll help someone reach a goal), people will love you. Or at least keep coming back to your website to see what other delicious content you're cooking up. Eventually, after you've earned their trust and have proven that you really do know what the hell you're talking about, they will show their thanks by taking out their wallets and BUY something from you.

Damn. You worked hard for that money, baby.

So why does a blog matter? All will be revealed below. Dig in.

  1. Your business will be more visible in search — When people turn to Google to search for the best soccer gear, potting soil, or gluten-free recipes, your blog posts will show up, leading new customers and eyeballs to your website (and business). This is frequently called "Inbound Marketing," since customers are coming to you, rather than you spending all your cash on sales-y online ads or marketing materials.
  2. You'll solidify your position as an expert — Giving away free (usable and accurate) advice and tips is a great way to show you know your shit.
  3. You will earn trust — Once people realize that you totally know your industry inside and out (which is evident by the blog you're running on your site), they'll look to you for future information. They'll bookmark your site, add you to their RSS feeds, email inboxes, and eventually, buy your products.
Get more reasons to blog after the break!

  1. You'll build a community — The best part about all this blogging is the community that starts to build around your blog and business. Readers will start commenting on your blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates, adding insight that you might not have considered. They'll weigh in, ask questions, and leave feedback which is priceless since it allows you to tweak your content, products, and even streamline your biz based on these new perspectives.
  2. You'll earn loyalty — Once you get your groove on with blogging, replying to questions, and getting to know your growing community, you'll earn the one thing that makes all this work worth it: loyalty. Customers will turn to you for advice, and buy products from you because they trust you, and they trust you because you've earned it with all this amazing, accurate, and well-informed information you've been providing for free. It's the (blogging) circle of life, no?

Maintaining a blog might seem like hard work, but it doesn't have to be. Check out my How to Create Content and Stay Sane series on how to run a kick-ass blog without pulling out your hair. But first, I'd love it if you to tell me two things in the comments:

  1. Do you currently run a blog for your business?
  2. If so, what's your main gripe, concern, or problem you're having so far?

You can also ask questions by using the #Schoolin hashtag on Twitter!