Next Week: We're Heading Back to School!

I miss the days of buying fresh school supplies. The smell of the notebooks, the new backpack, and — hello — the updated fall wardrobe! Back to school shopping is the shit, y'all. I suggest you go snatch yourself up a new Trapper Keeper cause starting next week we're heading back to school!

Or more like, back to basics.

If you're just starting out in blogging for your small business, you'll DEFINITELY want to tune in, bookmark, subscribe and point your browsers here next week. I'll be covering the basics of everything from why you should blog (and what the perfect post looks like), how to maximize your social media efforts, tech tools that will save you time, to how to make a content calendar (and what should be included) and more in a series I call SCHOOLIN'.

What is a Blog and How to Blog Basics

I'm making a sweet little graphic for it and everything.

Is there something that you want to know about? Leave a comment here, tweet it at me (just fill in the blank!), or send me an email with your thoughts, questions, and gotta-know subjects. I promise to answer all of your questions here on the site or on Twitter.

Class is almost in session and I couldn't be more excited!