Why Cloud Computing is Like Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

You know that pair of jeans you just can't wait to slip into the end of a busy workday? The ones that are super soft 'cause you've worn them in perfectly, and they're exquisitely faded in all the right places to look like a pair of designers (but you bought them on a sale rack at Marshalls)? You're comfortable in those jeans, and you take them everywhere, and you'd be crushed — lost even — if you didn't have them since they literally go with everything you own? Well for me, those jeans are cloud computing. I could walk around with no pants on, but please make sure my documents are available anywhere at all times, thanks.

You want to simplify your life? Get your biz to the cloud, my lady friends.
Cloud Computing

What is the cloud, you ask? Well, instead of keeping documents stored on your computer's hard drive, you store them in secure servers belonging to companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Box, or Dropbox, which allow you to access them from any computer via an Internet connection. You could be hanging with your family this holiday, leave your computer at home, and still crush it at work on your mom's PC since your documents are available to you 24/7.

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I use Google Apps for Business that includes Google Docs (now Google Drive), Calendars, and Gmail among other apps, which allows me to work directly inside the documents via a web browser without worrying about computer compatibility issues, but you could hook yourself up to a document storage service like Box or Dropbox to keep your brainstorming sheets, important notes, and content calendars available to you whenever and wherever you happen to be. Just download them from anywhere, work, and upload again.

For me, Google is easiest but some people don't like the idea that if Google goes down, so does all your hard work. While I've only experienced a few, short-lived Google outages, this is precisely why I back up these documents frequently to an external hard drive (and you should too). Better safe then sorry, right?

Are you in the cloud? What services do you use? How has cloud computing changed your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Flickr user akakumo