What Should I Blog About? Ideas For Creating Timely Content: Week of August 6

If the first thing you asked yourself this morning was not "Which heels should I pair with these jeans," but "What should I blog about today," well then, you and I should be BFFs. I live and breathe content, and like a foul-mouthed fairy godmother, am here to help you stay afloat, kicking ass, and absolutely 100% exhilarated at the opportunity for another chance to create, grow your audience, and produce can't-miss content.

Need an electrifying, steel-toed boot kick of inspiration to your dome? Here's some current, trending, and happening topics to consider writing about this week.

Simplify Your Life Week Continues

We're finishing up Simplify Your Life Week here on Uncommon Digital. One way to make your life easier? Point the WWW here every Monday to get a run-down of sizzling hot topics to cover on your own blog. If you missed any of the posts we've featured, check them out now:

Work Like a Dog Day
Today is officially Work Like a Dog Day. How can you put in an extra 10, 20, 30 percent to improve your business today? What can you teach others about working hard?

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover
Umm, did you guys know we landed on Mars again last night? NASA's roving lab, the Curiosity, touched down on the surface of Mars and will be exploring whether there were any ancient life forms on the Red Planet. NASA proved once again that imagination and determination can take you far (even millions of miles outside our own atmosphere) - how can your audience relate? What can you teach them about dreaming big, taking risks, and planning for the future?

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The Olympics
The Olympics are still a crazy hot topic online right now, so keep up on the current schedule of events and see if you can pull out any lessons to be learned from the athletes, the sport, or the media coverage and response.

Book Lovers Day
This Thursday, August 9th is Book Lovers Day. Are there any great reads that your audience should flip through? Any titles that helped you get to where you are that you can share?

Back to School
Back to school is a major theme in August, but you don't have to target your content at teens. Try breaking down complicated subjects in your field and teach the basics. You'll bring in a whole new audience, and basics content is great evergreen content that will be found in search year-round.

What are you writing about this week? Share how you come up with content in the comments below!