What Breaking Bad Can Teach You About Creating Content and Running a Business

Breaking Bad fans out there, unite! While it feels like the latest season is just getting warmed up, we're closing in on the last episode of 2012. Mid-season breaks are excruciating since you have to wait months and months and months to get any kind of resolution.

That's a wicked case of TV blue balls.
Breaking Bad Finale

While contemplating the final installment of the year, I realized that Walter White's obsession for being the best meth cook in the ABQ could lend some interesting insights into your business model and content plan as well. What can you learn from Walt? Plenty, as it turns out. Check out a few below, and share your own illicit drug-fueled revelations (by association, of course) in the comments below!

  • Think Before You Act (aka, Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot) — The moment that Walter realizes that he didn't have to shoot Mike in the belly is a classic example of acting on emotion before thinking things through. This can be applied to community management All. Day. Long. When you blog, produce products, or put yourself out there on the Internet, you're opening yourself up to criticism like nobody's business. When someone gives you shit in the comments, don't respond with a second-grade answer ("Oh yeah, well YOU'RE stupid, too!"). Instead, grow some balls and thick skin, figure out a way to rise above, and respond with civility. If they can't, at least you can.
  • Choose Your Partners Wisely — Walt has partnered with Jesse for a reason — he knows he can trust him. When you're launching a company or building link relationships, make sure you're digging in with someone who you can trust to reciprocate and encourage. There's nothing worse than putting effort into a relationship that isn't mutual. Trust your gut.

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  • Don't Give Up — If there's one thing to be said for Walter White, it's that this dude does not give up. No matter the obstacle, Walter comes through unscathed by the law (so far). Get inspired by his tenacity to be the best in his field and apply it to your own industry. Having a razor sharp Walter White-focus on creating mind-blowing content should be your goal. Go forth and do just that.
  • Don't Do Illegal (or Black Hat) Shit — This one's pretty obvious when you take it literally (dealing drugs is bad, kids), but since we're focused on content, we should talk about "Black hat SEO" tactics that so many people (content creators and marketers) out there participate in. In basic terms, Black Hat SEO is when you try to scam search engines with unethical tactics. These tactics can include trying to cram as many keywords into one post as possible (usually without making any sense), putting white text on a white background (or black text on a black background, or purple text on a purple background, so on and so forth) to entice web crawlers (those "bugs" that analyze your site to determine relevancy), and otherwise promoting your site as one thing and delivering another. These tactics will never pay off in the long run and shouldn't be used if you want to be seen as a legit source of expert content. The idea that the turtle wins the race and the early bird gets the worm really apply here, so if you know your stuff and can prove it in a blog post, you're all good. No black hats (or shady tactics) required.

What has Walter and Breaking Bad taught you about biz? Share your findings in the comments. I'd love to hear them!

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