Eye Candy: 3 Places To Find Free Blog Photos

There's a reason that men like to leave the lights on in the sack — they're visual creatures. But truth is, women like a good visual too. Just look at the popularity of Pinterest — one in five women who go online use Pinterest as inspiration for life or dream of their life's aspirations. Even Facebook is a more visual place these days as photos are being liked and shared more often than text or link posts. And when it comes to creating content for your business, visuals have become that much more important. Populating your blog with eye-catching pics keeps people coming back for more. And more is better.

The good news is, you don't have to spend thousands on an infographic, drop serious coin on a photographer, or break the bank on a photography subscription. There are places you can find imagery for your blog for free. Check out three of them below and remember to always source your images appropriately!

Free Blog Photos

  1. Creative Commons Search — Search the far reaches of the Internet to find the perfect photo, video, even music that is free to use and share on your blog from one place. Enter your search criteria, select your networks, and Creative Commons Search will bring all the available goodness to you.
  2. Photo Pin — Pinterest and Flickr got hot and heavy one night and produced this little slice of visual heaven. Enter your search query, and Photo Pin will bring forth all available commercial or non-commercial images living on Flickr based on relevancy, date uploaded, or, as the default, "interestingness." You should always search Flickr for interestingness first - you'll get the best results that way. Once you find an image you want to use, Photo Pin allows you to download and grab the source link without ever leaving the site. Pretty smart.
  3. Your own camera — Who says you can't take your own photos for your own blog? Nobody, that's who. Since you're planning your content ahead of time with an editorial calendar, you'll know exactly what types of posts you'll be doing over the next few weeks. Brainstorm some ideas on how that content can be best represented in visual form, make a list, grab your camera, and go on your own photography hunt to capture those ideas. Take a walking tour through your neighborhood, hit the road and wander through a new town, or set up your own shots right inside your home. With a Mount Everest-sized learning curve that caused mind-numbing headaches for n00bs with little experience, photo editing is now child's play with help from tools like Instagram and Snapseed that make your images look interesting, colorful, and professionally done with just a few clicks.

Have any others to recommend? Share them in the comments!

Source: Flickr user josemanuelerre cc