Blogging on Your iPad Just Got Stupid Simple

The iPad is great for so many things, but blogging on the go could be one of its drawbacks. The lack of keyboard and lame native blogging apps really make things kinda messy between you and your tablet. Your relationship might even suffer. You might not look at it the same again. Let the Posts ($10) app get you two lovebirds back on track.

Posts Blogging App for iPad

Coming with the ability to build and edit drafts, upload photos, moderate comments, manage multiple Blogger or Wordpress blogs, even work offline (Posts syncs with your blog, pushing new content you've stored locally on your iPad and pulling new comments from your blog when it connects to the Internet), Posts is the only app you'll need to keep your blog running full steam while you're running around. Just add a portable iPad keyboard and you've got yourself one powerful mobile blogging tool.

I'd love to know a few things now that we're talking about blogging on the go — do you keep up your blog while you're on vacation? If so, how do you manage? Let's talk blog upkeep and strategy in the comments!