8 Reasons Why the iPhone 5 (and iOS 6) Will be Your Tech BFF

Sleek. Sophisticated. Stylish. No, I'm not talking about runway models from Fashion Week. I'm talking about a gadget.

In case you missed it, the iPhone 5 was announced today and is already breaking hearts of those with a 4S in hand. If you want to call one your own, look forward to hours-long wait times, website crashes, and exhausted credit cards starting on September 21st. One will set you back at least $199, and you can get your preorder on a week earlier. I know you're probably thinking that iPhones come around as often as bright-eyed actresses with big Hollywood dreams, but the latest iteration of Apple's smartphone has a few features that will make it a blockbuster hit among hard working gals like you and I.

White iPhone 5 Pictures

What's the scoop, you ask? Just like showbiz, tall and thin is in — the all-new design is 18% thinner, 20% lighter and just under a half inch taller than previous versions (thanks to its new 4-inch display). It still comes in black and white, so choosing one or the other will likely be the hardest decision you'll make all day.

How will this new phone change your working life? Check out a few features that will help you stay on top of your to-do's, get from A to Z in a timely fashion, and make your businesses' blog look ah-mazing.

  1. Improved maps — The new and improved Maps app will help you get where you need to go faster and more efficiently. Finally, we'll get some native turn-by-turn navigation up in the hizzle along with the standard real-time traffic data so you won't be late for your next appointment. And for those city-hopping jet-setters out there, there's a sweet 3D "flyover" mode to get a birds-eye view of your current location. Fun, if nothing else.
  2. Passbook — Speaking of jet-setting, how awesome would it be if you could store your boarding pass on your phone instead of printing out a flimsy paper that never fails to go missing in the depths of your bag? Well, with IOS 6's Passbook feature, you can do just that. And since you're also a frugal, budget savvy shopper, you can keep the rest of your loyalty cards and coupons safely stored and just a few finger swipes away.
  3. Siri upgrades — Your wish is her command. Siri was the Apple Store darling of 2011, but this year her star has risen even higher with improved voice recognition and capabilities. You can tell her to "Text my husband, tell him I'll be late," launch apps by telling her to "open" whatever it is you need, and so much more. She can even make dinner reservations for your next client meeting via OpenTable. A personal assistant for $200? I'll take it.

See the rest of the list and share the features you're most interested in after the break!

  1. LTE speeds — LTE means faster cellular connections, and faster cellular connections means that you'll feel like you're on your home WiFi all the time. Use extreme caution, though — you might forget about those data plans mid-month and start streaming everything from movies to music no matter where you are. Fun for now, not when you get your data bill.
  2. Faster A6 chip — LTE does for cellular as the A6 chip does for the phone's overall operating speed. You'll notice that the iPhone 5 keeps a pretty swift clip when switching and running apps, which is great for those impatient gals who don't have a millisecond to wait.
  3. Improved image chip — There's a lot of technical jargon here, but the scoop is: the iPhone 5 offers better quality, noise-reduced photos — even in lowlight — which means your blog photos have never looked better. Bonus — the lens is made with sapphire crystal, which comes in just behind diamonds in strength and durability, so your iPhone's camera lens won't get beat up in your bag and make your pics look all blurry.
  4. Improved audio — Forget the days of garbled handsfree calls. Apple has revamped the iPhone's audio to include three speakers on the phone and one powerful little guy on new "EarPods."
  5. Aluminum back plate — Let's face it, we'd buy the iPhone no matter what (we bought it when it had incredibly fragile and ridiculous glass backplate) but it's nice to know that this version is stronger with an aluminum backing, which will save you money if you're prone to dropping your gadgets.

Are you pumped about the iPhone 5? I'd love to hear about the features that get your juices flowin' in the comments!