Hit the Breaks on Email With Inbox Pause

Need a hot second to recover from the barrage of emails hitting your inbox? Check out this little diddy called Inbox Pause. It does exactly what it sounds like — keeps email from arriving all hot and bothered in your inbox for as long as you need it to. Hit the pause button for guilt-free coffee breaks, uninterrupted and laser-focused work time, unbridled happy hours (you deserve it, sister), or take conference calls without being swayed over to the multitasking dark side by an incoming text bomb. It's the email intervention we all need every once in a while.

Inbox Pause

Inbox Pause will even send an autoreply to senders that you're unavailable and haven't received your message. But as email is the lifeblood of most operations in 2012, your emails will be swiftly delivered to your inbox — and you, back to reality — once you hit the UNPAUSE button. Life can resume as usual.

Currently making magic with Chrome, let's keep our fingers crossed that Inbox Pause makes a migration to other browsers asap.

Do you need a little break from email? Will you use Inbox Pause?