Be Still My Fabulous Heart: Incase's Pathway Collection

There's nothing wrong with looking foxy when you're working your ass off for a living, and thank goodness dressing your most important business tool is easy, even if dressing yourself isn't. The lust-worthy Incase Pathway laptop accessory collection is H-O-T in a sexy librarian sort of way with its cotton twill and leather ensemblé, storing your 11-, 13-, and 15-inch laptops without complaint or to-do.

MacBook Air Case

I'm particularly fond of the Pathway Shoulder Bag ($250), which stores your machine, folders, cables, and other goods, and the Pathway Folio Laptop case ($80) that pops open to provide ergonomic typing, produces less of a sticker shock-inducing heart attack than the former, and still manages to packs quite a punch in the style department. Plus, look how awesome these things look in a coffee shop!

Telecommuting just got way more attractive.