Uncommon Essentials: Tech Tools For Content Creation On the Go

It's easy to get addicted to blogging. Once you get the hang of it, everything is fair game for content ideas — family gatherings, vacations, road signs, events, whatever. So be prepared to capture your thoughts and images while out and about. Keeping a few tech essentials on your person wherever you roam can make this a no-brainer. What do I keep with me when I step out my front door? A few of these and an open mind. Check out some of my picks for mobile blogging essentials below.

Technology For Blogging

  1. iPad ($399) — The lightest little computer you could possibly own is the iPad. Coming in WiFi-only or 3G models, a tablet makes it easy to jump online and work from anywhere.
  2. ClamCase ($149) — Couple your ultra-portable tablet with a ClamCase, which offers you a full QWERTY keyboard for typing, swivel screen, and hard shell to protect your tablet, and you're set for mobile content creation from the road. Just toss it in your bag and go!
  3. Verizon Novatel Jetpack MiFi ($0 - $249) — Can't find a Starbucks or WiFi connection? If you absolutely must be able to get online from anywhere, you might as well throw down for a mobile hotspot like this Novatel Jetpack that boasts up to 4G connection speeds on the largest wireless network in the country. Bonus — you can get it for cheap with a 2-year contract, or if you're too much of a free spirit to be tied down by "contracts" and "agreements," you could always go month-to-month.
  4. iPhone 5 ($199) — Mobile photos are taken to the next level with the iPhone 5 that is slimmer and lighter than last year's model, coming with beefed-up optics to make your photos even more amazing. Who needs a DSLR when you have a camera, tiny computer, and phone all wrapped in one? Plus with apps like Snapseed photo editing is crazy simple. In fact, I sometimes like the photos I edit on my iPhone with Snapseed better than the ones I work over in Photoshop on my computer.
  5. Ashla Tote ($535) — The price tag might shock you a bit, but there's nothing like treating your self to fine leather goods every once in a while. The super luxe Kempton and Co. Alasha tote holds all your tech goods (iPad or laptop, camera, iPhone, cords, cables, wallet, and other essentials) in one stylish package that will stay durable and on-trend for many seasons to come.
  6. Sony NEX F3 ($499) — My personal favorite, the Sony NEX-F3 comes with an impressive stock lens so you can start snapping your own blog pics right out of the box. And with the 180 degree flip LCD screen and face recognition, capturing yourself on video just got even easier.
  7. 11-inch MacBook Air ($999)— Want to go all-in with a full-featured laptop? The 11-inch MacBook Air will keep you working at 100 percent while keeping your luggage lightweight.
  8. Posts ($10, not shown) — If you're going the iPad and ClamCase route, Posts is a must-download app for blogging. Working nearly seamlessly with Blogger and Wordpress, you can crank out the content via your iPad and a wireless connection. No laptop required.