September Picks For a Happy Office

It feels like just yesterday that we were rolling in the sack with the long, hot and sticky days of summer, and just like that — we're making out with the chilly, misty-eyed and grey face of fall. Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

Now that September is fully erect, we should talk about how to keep the passion alive with this new season. My recommendation? Some good 'ole fashioned home office retail therapy. You spend a million hours at your desk, tap-tap-tappity-tapping on your laptop as you answer emails, blog and work the numbers in order to keep your biz pulsating and thriving, so it might as well be an arousing space you can enjoy. Plus, it's Fashion Week, so there's really no better time for an office makeover.

September Picks

It's getting hot in here with all of this shopping talk, so maybe fall isn't so cold after all. Check out a few of my September picks for a happy office.

  1. One should never be wasteful, especially when it comes to time. I have this Carpe Diem Bokeh Print ($18) above my desk as a reminder to make every moment of every day my bitch.
  2. If you aren't a photographer and couldn't navigate your way through Photoshop with a map, then you should stop what you're doing and go download Snapseed ($5) now. This iPhone, iPad, and Mac app lets you fake sweet photo editing skills and gives you some cool presets to give your pics some character. Images are super important to your blog and social networks, so take advantage of your smartphone cam and this life-changing little app.
  3. You got a MacBook Air because it was so convenient — lightweight, powerful and portable — and beautiful. You carry it everywhere, so don't let it get all scratched up in your bag. Instead, cover it with a Speck Macbook Air Satin Hardshell case ($50) that maintains the MBA's slim profile and minuscule weight footprint, but in a tough and colorful shell.
  4. If you're constantly on the move, the Ona Brixton Bag ($269) holds not just your laptop, but your camera and phone so you can stay connected and stylish all year long. The water-resistant canvas is to die for, and the Brixton has just the right amount of Y chromosomes to be appropriate for either sex.
  5. The Geometric shapes and bright colors that were are so hot this summer won't be going out of fashion anytime soon. The Ian Curtis iPhone Case ($35) will keep you and your iPhone on-trend all the way into fall and beyond.