What Should I Blog About? Ideas For Timely Content: Week of September 3

How do you feel coming off of the long weekend? I feel pretty great, especially considering what's in the pipeline for this site in the coming months. The very non-productive Labor Day holiday prevented me from posting the usual bright-and-early-Monday-morning What Should I Blog About? series, but don't fret - while trending topics are MIA from this installment (we missed that train, y'all), I've offered up some fantastical and magical holidays, themes and other content idea generating topics below.

I would like to know something though - how would you feel about "What Should I Blog About?" being a daily thing? Would it be helpful to you to know what topics are trending each morning to give you some idea of what to blog about? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or tweet at me with the hashtag #WSIBA. Your opinion counts!
What Should I Blog About?

Monthly Themes

Get your outfits and books ready - themes for this month include National Literacy, back to school, Fall, fashion, football and NASCAR. How can you spin those topics to supply content all September long?

Check out this week's upcoming holidays after the break!


Be Late For Something Day
Take an extra few minutes for morning sex (your neglected partner will thank you), sip your coffee, read the paper, and take the slow train to the office during National Be Late For Something day, which falls on Wednesday, September 5. What will you be late for?

Fight Procrastination Day
Though it's prime time to procrastinate on that to-do list that has been piling up since before Labor Day, Thursday, September 6th is National Fight Procrastination Day. What would you suggest that your customers and readers get done on this day?

International Literacy Day
Book nerds will dig this holiday that falls on Saturday, September 8th. What industry-related books would you recommend? Maybe now is a great time to stop procrastinating and start that book club since September is also National Literacy Month!

Grandparents Day
Celebrate your elder family members with Grandparent's Day on Sunday, September 9th. What life lessons (relating to your profession) did your grandparents teach you? Can you use those lessons to educate your customers and readers?