Maximum Impact: 5 Tools to Schedule and Analyze Your Tweets

One of my favorite free apps to schedule tweets and get valuable analytic insights,

Timely announced yesterday that it will be shutting down on November 16th

. In case you haven't heard of it, Timely allowed its users to quickly and easily share web pages and links with their Twitter followers throughout the day. But more than just pushing content through at randomly scheduled times, Timely would analyze your followers' activity and determine when they are most likely to be online, putting your content front, center, and populating their feeds during those peak hours.

You can understand why I'd love a tool like that — it's smart, easy, and gets me more traffic.

Best Twitter Tools
Best Twitter Tools

If you haven't used tools like this before, it's time to get on board. The good news is, you didn't miss the boat with Timely — there are plenty of other apps and tools that will get the job done, even go above and beyond to include other social networks to become your one-stop social sharing shop for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more. Check out a few of them below.

  • TweetWhen — TweetWhen is a simple and free tool that analyzes your last 1,000 tweets to give you insight on what days and times you get the most retweets from your followers. Stack the deck in your favor and focus on tweeting big news, products, and content during these times for maximum impact.
  • Buffer — This robust web dashboard and mobile app allows you to schedule tweets, Facebook and Facebook Page, and LinkedIn posts at work or on the go. You can also share links on the fly with the browser extension as you surf the web. Posts are scheduled by times that you set, so unfortunately you'll have to do your own analytics research to find when the best time to tweet will be. There is a paid version that gets you extra time slots and additional profiles for $10 per month.
  • Tweriod — Speaking of analytics, this little tool can take care of that for you. Tweriod analyzes your tweets and Twitter followers and gives you a range of times when your followers are most likely to be online. Tweeting when you have a larger audience is definitely more efficient than the alternative, wouldn't you agree? The only downside is that the free Tweriod report tends to be broad, but you can pay to get more specific insights with the premium insight upgrade which will set you back $5 for a one-off or $4 a month for up to 4,999 followers.

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  • WhenToTweet — Same idea as Tweriod in that it analyzes your followers, but has an up front, one-time cost of $5 for the report. They say that even Oprah has used their service. Well la-ti-da, indeed.
  • Hootsuite — I've waxed poetic about Hootsuite's charms before, and this tool might get you all hot and bothered as well. Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule posts for up to five social networks (yourself or with the new Autoschedule feature) on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, and more. Plus, you can add streams to see search terms and keywords to stay on top of conversations you might be able to insert yourself in to. Not in a rude way, of course. Don't be weird.

Are you using a Twitter tweet timer? Share your recommendations with us in the comments and let me know if you're thinking about trying out one of these (along with any questions you have)!

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