Listen While You Work: Beacon Audio Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker

Small workspaces call for small accessories, but small accessories don't necessarily equal tiny power. Such has been proven with the Beacon Audio Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker. The folks at Beacon Audio were kind enough to send me the portable music device to try, and after spending a few days with the bright blue cube, it made me rethink the whole "size matters" idiom.

Beacon Audio Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker

I was delightfully surprised at the bass quality and big sound coming out of this tiny package, and the best part might just be that the USB-compatible rechargeable battery lasts up to eight hours so you can power through your entire day with the music that gets you in the mood for world domination.

The Phoenix takes up very little space on your desk at just 3.2-inches square, connects to your Bluetooth devices (like iPhones, tablets and the like) and can be packed away and taken with you on the road for a mini dance party wherever you happen to be. Dance parties, by the way, are a great way to recharge after a serious work session. Just saying.

You can grab a Beacon Audio Phoenix now online in three colors — blue, red, and black — for $99.95. It could also make a great gift for your solopreneurial music fiend — the holiday gift-giving season is just around the corner after all!