DIY: An Editorial Content Calendar For Creatives

I've talked your ear off about how important it is to have an editorial content calendar to manage your posts and keep yourself organized, and while I love me some online content management systems, I understand that for some of you, writing things down with a pen and paper and having something tactile to play around with is a big help.

You visual types. Always making things interesting.

So I came up with (what I believe to be) a visually-appealing, quick and not-so-dirty way to display your content, simply by using a corkboard, paper, and thumbtacks. It's your content calendar in real life, 3D form! Reach out and touch it! Or re-arrange your posts at will! Or swap them for others! Whatever you want!

Ok. Enough exclamation points.

This calendar can be perfectly perched above your desk as a constant reminder of what's coming up on your blog, and even expanded to include different social channels if you want to get all ambitious and crazy with it (highly recommended). Like what you see? I break down how I did it, and the materials you'll need after the break.

The cork board ($11 from Target) is divided into a calendar-like grid, each column displaying a day of the week. This was done simply by measuring and taking a sharpie to the face. Draw (semi-straight)lines. You remember this from grade school, right? This, by no means, needs to be perfect.

Cut the paper down to size (I used colorful Japanese origami paper, but since it's a bit thin, you can always use regular paper or index cards) with a paper cutter. Snag your own on the cheap at any paper store or a big box like Michaels or Target. Or stick to scissors. Whatever works.

Each color paper represents a different post category. Tech = orange, style = purple and so on. This gives you a top-level view of the kinds of content going into your blog and/or social channels, and allows you to spot holes fast. Brainstorm content at the beginning of each month, and fill up the calendar with headline/post ideas on the front and a skeleton outline on the back, preferably with points you want to cover. Taking this extra step will make writing posts or filming videos a piece of velvety moist birthday cake. It goes down easy.

Once you've populated the calendar, post those babies up with some thumb tacks, clear out a spot at your desk, and you're all set!

What do you think — would this content calendar help you stay organized, efficient, and never at a loss for what to write about? Leave your comments, feedback, and editorial calendar tricks and tips in the comments!