Amplify: 8 Free Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Site Content

You've studied hard, prepared, and sequestered yourself to your office, comfiest chair, or neighborhood coffee shop. You worked your fingers, brain, and patience to the bone to get your latest piece of content out the door. You take a deep breath, hit publish, and sit back to revel in its shiny, golden, glittering-like-New-Years-Eve glory. You did good work kid. You published a blog post. A really good blog post. Now take a break.


Free Marketing and PR Strategy
Free Marketing and PR Strategy

Breaks? No, no, no. There's no time for breaks just yet. If you're in love with your latest blog post, share the damn thing so that others will find it and love it as much as you do. More than just spamming email links to your friends and family, get creative and multi-faceted with your approach. Here, eight ways you can market your posts to others, and not pay a dime to a PR pro or marketing manager. You know how we do it.

  1. Share it on social media — Twitter moves fast, so don't just post your link to Twitter once — schedule a few tweets over the next few days to get it in front of your audience. Consider posting a link along with a question or poll on Facebook and Google+, and find an interesting image to accompany your piece and it might be poised for pinning prestige. Don't forget Instagram! Does your post spark a larger conversation around something visual, like backyards, fashion, food, or the like? Start a hashtag and ask people to submit their own photos by using this tag, and share your favorite submissions on your blog.
  2. Stumble it — Submit all of your posts using appropriate (and abundant) keywords and tags to Stumbleupon. But make sure you're giving back to this social network by stumbling and liking other pages besides your own.

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  1. Pitch it to bloggers — Take the proactive approach and pitch your content to bloggers on the DIY tip, either as an expert source, asking for a link within or suggesting a follow-up to an article they've already written.
  2. Include a link in blog comments — Get active by leaving comments on on some of your favorite blogs and sites and include a link back to your site in the signature, or when appropriate, a relevant and complimentary post you've written yourself.
  3. Make a video — Break down your content piece and make a video, or series of videos, on the most interesting points. Link back to your full post in the description area.
  4. Start a Podcast — Podcasting isn't dead yet. If you have the time and resources, starting a podcast around your business and content is a fresh way to show off your personality and smarts.
  5. Offer email subscriptions — Get a free email newsletter service from MailChimp, then set up your blog posts to be automatically set to subscribers. It's free (for up to 2,000 subscribers), relatively easy to set up (they have an in-depth resources section to help you out), and you can even customize your emails with the look and feel of your businesses website.
  6. Reddit and Digg it — Reddit is often referred to as the "front page of the Internet" since so many mainstream stories spawn from its depths, so if you have a particularly interesting story, creating an account and seeding it there could prove beneficial. Browse its pages and get to know the kinds of content Redditers like. Maybe even reverse-engineer a post to fit its style. Digg is similar in the fact that the best stories rise to the top, so again — examine your relevant sections first, then submit where appropriate.

Any avenues I missed? How do you market your content? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments!

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