The 1 Reason You'll Want to Buy the iPad Mini For Your Biz

For some of us, business is sexy. You know what else is sexy? Technology. Put those two together and you have an orgasmic combination that can unleash your small biz in lethal ways. I fucking love technology. For all its shortcomings, hidden corners, distractions, its filth, it can be a bright and shining beacon of light leading you on the path to money-making success.

iPad Mini

The new iPad Mini is one example of what could be a firework-inducing union of technology and business. If the iPad was on your hit list before, the iPad Mini could send you over the edge into mobile bliss. Let's face it — size matters, and the iPad Mini's 7.8-inch LCD screen means increased portability.

See in this case, increased portability means increased opportunity.

It's small and light enough to keep around at all times — in your hobo, your clutch, an accessory in your laptop bag, your luggage — so you will be eternally poised and ready to show off your work to clients at meetings, at networking events, and conferences. Take orders and payments at trade shows, expos, from anywhere in your store. Stay connected to your community and create content on the go.

Sure, you can do that on the iPad (and other tablets) now, but how likely are you to tote around a nearly 10-inch screen with you day-to-day?

The iPad Mini can be pre-pordered starting on Friday, October 26th, and will be available on November 3 starting at $329. Super affordable, and being released right as the holiday shopping season heats up but before the fiscal year closes. Convenient, wouldn't you agree?

Are you planning on snatching up the iPad Mini? How would you utilize it for your business?

Source: Apple