Life Support: What to Do When No One is Talking About You Online

What's worse than a community that leaves negative feedback on your blog, angry comments on Facebook, and talks smack about you on Twitter? Radio silence. Stone cold, black hole, Grand Canyon-sized spaces that are void of conversation. Conversations about you. The realization that no one knows that your biz even exists.

Talk about heartbreak.
DIY PR and Marketing

Why doesn't everyone think your products, business, or content is worth their time or money? Maybe you're asking the wrong question. The question is — what are you doing to get people to care? Are you hiding shyly behind your computer screen? Blogging, but not promoting? Building, but not selling? Drafting, but not shipping?

As much as you'd like to believe it, if you build it, customers simply won't just show up out of thin air. Sorry Ray Liotta.

Have you looked up your brand or company on Social Mention lately? What are people saying about you online? Nothing? Creating buzz around your product or business is not only extremely important to start making money, but essential if you want to get the word out about your amazing products and services. As a solopreneur, in this episode you'll be playing the role of PR, Marketing, and Communications specialist for your business, along with all of the others you take on.

Whitney Houston was right — you are every woman.

Good news sister — this PR and Marketing business doesn't have to cost a fortune. Hold off on hiring a professional and DIY it on the cheap. Ideas on how to get started after the break.

  • Use social media — Do you have a presence in the social space yet? If not, you need to buy yourself an express ticket and get onboard. Social media not only amplifies your message but can be the catalyst that cultivates passionate communities and loyal brand followers. Use social channels right — we're talking Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and your blog — and you could turn pageviews, click-throughs, likes and retweets into sales. And sales, as you know, equals dollars.
  • Develop partnerships — Just because you're running your biz solo doesn't mean you have to alienate yourself from others in similar situations. Spark up a relationship with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, shop girls, taco trucks, whatever — and work together. Whether its displaying your wares in each others' stores, forming link partnerships on your blog (linking to each others' content on a regular basis), or throwing co-sponsored events, these actions provide exposure and awareness, and get the website traffic flowing between you. Think of it like a girls club for businesses.
  • Pitch bloggers and media — Whether you're pimping out your products, services, or content, pitching bloggers yourself can save you serious cash on PR services, and get eyeballs on your biz at the same time.
  • Join a Twitter chat — Find yourself a Twitter chat in your niche and plop yourself right in the middle of it. Offer insightful responses, ask questions, engage the other chatters, and you might see your follower count skyrocket right along with your cred, pageviews, and sales.
  • Take a seminar — Same idea here as the Twitter chat, except you might also learn something in the process. There are tons of free online seminars in almost every area of business, niche and topic, which provide an opportunity to network, show your stuff, grow your readership, and customer base.
  • Vocalize — Tell people about your business and website. Simple as that.
  • Add your website to your signatures — This tip might be overplayed, but it's also easily overlooked. Add your website and social channels to your email signatures — both web-based and mobile. It's a simple way to get exposure with every click of the "Send" button.

How do you get people talking about you online? Please share your own tried-and-true methods in the comments!

Source: Flickr user timsamoff