4 Ways to Beat Procrastination and Battle Back From Laziness

Procrastination and laziness runs rampant this time of year. Between the overstuffed, food-filled holidays, travel, family members vying for your attention, spending hours circling the crowded malls looking for that "one perfect gift" that probably doesn't exist (let's face it — gift cards are king and that faux cashmere sweater you picked out for your niece sucks), and the joys of car trips in traffic, you have little time or energy to devote to your business.

How to Stop Procrastinating

So you put it off.

You let other "things" and people prioritize your life for you out of guilt.

You stopped putting your business first.

And now, you've gotten lazy — getting up at 4:00AM like you used to seems like an epic, sword-swinging, to-the-death struggle with your eyelids.

I totally get it cause I've been there. Shit, I AM there. The holidays makes things super hard for solopreneurs since there's so many things that "need" to get done outside of your business, and when the flurry of activity is over, you're exhausted, sleeping in, and putting your biz on the backburner come January.

It's hard to break the cycle, but getting lazy just won't cut it. Want to bounce back? Below are four ways to beat down laziness with an ugly stick and get back on top of your game.

  1. Give Yourself a Deadline (And Make a Plan to Hit It) — Saying that you'll finish that ebook by the end of December is one thing, but actually planning out each phase is another. Give yourself a leg-up on laziness by breaking down milestones and must-hit dates week by week. It'll help you stay focused, prevent overwhelm, and keep you from being all like "Meh, I'll start it tomorrow/this week/next Monday/never"
  2. Make Yourself Accountable — Now that you have a plan, grab a bullhorn and make it known. Tell your friends, family, and your favorite barista that your ebook will be signed, sealed, and delivered this January. There's nothing like having people constantly ask you "How's that book coming?" to spur you into action.

Get the final tips (and share your own) after the break!

  1. Make a List — Even if you've got a deadline plan, break things down further into bite-sized chunks by listing the top three tasks you must do day-by-day to help you succeed. This method is awesome for other work tasks as well, since you're forced to prioritize the most important three things you must do each day instead of drowning in a mile-long list of less significant chores.
  2. Enlist Some Support — Know of a few other women that could use some help getting un-lazy and reaching goals? Start a weekly support group where you download your experiences to one another — what worked, what didn't, your weekly goals and action items. This is another way to stay accountable, and really, you don't want to be seen as the lazy procrastinator in the group of talented, trusted, focused, and successful biz ladies, right?