Lessons on Doing What You Love, In the Meantime, and Financial Cushions From Corbett Barr

He's an inspiration. A force. A blogging superstar. A poster boy for web solopreneurs everywhere that are longing to quit their desk jobs and live their lives on their own terms, make their own money, and design their own schedules. Whatever you want to call him, Corbett Barr is a successful "digital nomad" as the author of ThinkTraffic, and founder of Insanely Useful Media, all of which are aimed at helping to turn hobby blogs into full-fledged (and sometimes six-figure) businesses, and both of which allow him to travel the world six months out of the year.

The world isn't just his oyster, it's his office. Sounds like an awesome gig, doesn't it?

Blogging Advice From Corbett Barr
Blogging Advice From Corbett Barr

You can find his secrets to success on ThinkTrafficExpert Enough, and through the digital course Start a Blog That Matters (affiliate link) and new video training platform, Fizzle, but I wanted to know more so I asked Corbett to answer a few questions about how people like you and I can become digital nomads, too. Below are his pearls of wisdom.

How do you stay focused at the office while you're dreaming of running your online business or blog from the beach?

I spend enough time at the beach to get sick of it. Seriously though, I actually love what I do for work, regardless of where I'm living at the time. I look forward to most every work day because I've figured out how to do something I love.

Do you have any tried-and-true tips to share in regards to staying focused?

Pursue something you can enjoy doing in the moment. Life is rough if you only ever think of work as a means to an end.

See the rest of the interview, including his advice on what you should consider before handing in your two-week notice after the break.

What's the #1 thing aspiring digital nomads should consider before they hand in their two-week notice to their boss?

Ask yourself: do I have enough financial cushion to give my plans enough time to work out? If not, do you have a solid backup plan in place?

What are the top three lessons you learned after taking off on your own?

  1. There are few things in life as rewarding as working for yourself doing something you really love.
  2. Becoming self-employed is never easy, and is almost always harder than people assume at first.
  3. Self employment isn't a magic cure-all to everything about life. You'll still have ups and downs and there are plenty of other big life questions and issues to deal with, despite your employment situation.

If a solopreneur doesn't have enough vacation time or the option for a sabbatical, how can one "hit the reset button" in their own lives to live out their dreams of self-employment?

I suppose there are three options:

  1. Ask your employer for a leave of absence.
  2. Find a new job that will allow you to take enough time off after a while.
  3. Leave your job and try to find something when you come back.

Source: Corbett Barr