Coffee Shop Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts For Successful Long-Term Relationships

No matter how comfy your perfectly styled home office is, sometimes the same four walls can leave you uninspired. Inject a bit of flare in your daily routine by sneaking out of your self-imposed marriage with your home office and change up your settings. Coffee shops are the perfect model for a tawdry affair since they provide sustenance in the form of javva, tunes to work by, people-watching and networking opportunities, and in most all places these days, free wifi, perfect for bootstrapping biz owners.

Etiquette Tips for Entrepreneurs
But like any other seduction, you need to adhere a few rules, especially if you think this could become a frequent fling. Below, seven do's and don'ts to remember.

  • DO: Refresh your coffee every hour or two — Don't buy the cheapest cup possible and milk it for the next six to eight hours. Refresh your cup a few times throughout the day. Hell, even buy a pastry. Baristas know when there's a freeloader in their midst.
  • DON'T: Ask people to babysit your things — If you have to run out to grab a paper, go to the bathroom, or make a call outside, do so at your own risk. Until you get to know the regulars on a first-name basis, asking a stranger to watch your things is a dumb move that could get your laptop, bag, and other items stolen quicker than a heart on Valentine's Day.
  • DO: Promote good tipping karma — Leave a tip every time you visit your coffee shop of choice, and every so often, over-tip your baristas. It shows you care, and you're thankful for the free Internet juice.

See the rest, including what crop dusting has to do with working from a coffee shop, after the break.

  • DON'T: Bogart the outlet — Your laptop comes with anywhere between five to eight hours of battery life, so you shouldn't need to stay plugged in for your entire work session. Let your battery drain 'till your anxiety hits, plug in to recharge, then vacate the outlet so others can do the same. Don't be that girl that hogs the outlet.
  • DO: Sit at a communal table if you’re squatting all day — If you plan on keeping your head down to bang out some serious work from sun up to sundown, slide into a seat at the communal table. Taking up a four-top when your solo makes it hard for people with larger groups to enjoy their drips. If there is now communal space, keep your bag and coat close and leave a seat open for someone who might need to plop down to work. Sharing is caring!
  • DO: Crop dust a few shops — If you're a frequent coffee shop dweller, consider frequenting more than one on a regular basis so you don't wear out your welcome. Switch things up mid-day after your lunch break and hit a different shop for a change of pace. And if you're too wired to have another espresso, try the library instead.
  • DO: Get to know the baristas - Quite possibly the most important tip if you frequent one coffee shop. Build a rapport. Learn their names. Tip well and often. You'll cultivate a mutual respect for one another and maybe even get the first sip of new brews, special roasts, and test pastries.

What's your number one coffee shop etiquette tip or pet peeve? Share it in the comments!

Source: Flickr user Kuba Bożanowski