Break Time: 5 Ways to Level-Up Your Breaks For Productivity and Health

Working your fingers to the bone for eight, 10, 12, or more hours may be great for your business reputation, but for your body? Not so much. Taking frequent breaks keeps you energized and focused while averting neck and back pain. So whether or not you realize it, you need more breaks in your life. Your mission if you choose to accept it: take a 10 minute break every hour. Before you dismiss the idea, citing the fact that you barely have time to take a lunch, let alone ten whole minutes every hour, consider this: taking regular breaks makes you more productive. Chew on that, nay-sayers.

Health TIps For Entrepreneurs

Be more productive and feel better, too? Why not!? Here, five ways to utilize your breaks for improved focus and health.

  1. Stretch — Chances are, you live and die by your laptop, so take a break from that haunched-over, bad posture, gargoyle-style seating position (it doesn't look good on anyone, hunny), and take a stretch break. Your back will thank you.
  2. Coo over baby animals — Think browsing the cute baby animals section on Reddit is a waste of time? Think again. Studies show that viewing photos of baby animals can actually make you more productive. Surf - and and squeee — away, my friends.
  3. Drink water — Downing a glass of water at every hour won't just help you see an improvement in the quality of your skin, hair, nails, and bodyweight, but it'll cause you to get up to go to the bathroom more frequently, which helps with point number one. Double win!
  4. Rest your eyes — You know how your eyes get when you "zone out"? You sorta-kinda are looking at something across the room, but aren't really focusing on it? This is actually a fantastic way to rest your peepers and keep eye strain at bay. Do this a few times a day if you're planting yourself hard core in front of your computer screen for healthy eyeballs.
  5. Meditate — Meditation is more than hippies sitting cross-legged while obscurely chanting in single syllables. Meditation can actually make you more creative, help you solve problems, and come up with amazing new ideas. It's all about letting your mind wander in, around, and through a problem. How can you use meditation for business success? Pick the Brain has lots of info on the subject and other inspiration like quotes that read “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Word to your mother.

How often do you take breaks during your day?

Source: Flickr user nkeppol