Uncommon Essentials: 5 Things You Must Do This Month

Fall is officially here, and so is a brand new month. Looking to switch things up a bit? Start fresh? Come out the other side with a clear view of what you should do next? Check out my five must-dos for this month that will help you revamp, refresh, and get organized.

Fall Leaves

  • Launch your holiday marketing plan — If you haven't thought about the holidays yet, now is the time, sister. Change up the copy and positioning of your products and services to reflect the hugely active holiday shopping season. Whether it's offering up copywriting services tailored to product-based businesses, or creating gift-giving guides for your own wares, get on the holiday train before it leaves the station without you. All aboard!
  • Fill out your November content calendar — Considering the seasonal, weather, and holiday changes coming up, take a few hours this week to plan out your November content — this includes blogs, videos, and social media. It'll help you stay focused and on point, regardless of the holiday craziness that surrounds you.
  • Read The Impact Equation — Chris Brogan and Julien Smith's The Impact Equation ($16) will give you a new perspective on business, and insights on how to create a platform that informs and builds audiences, instead of just making loud and obnoxious noises. Check it out. Highly recommended!
  • Research bloggers in your niche — Figure out who you should be targeting when it's time to pull out the big PR guns. You don't have to hire a PR professional to get the word out about your business, products, or services — you can do it yourself. Put on your nerdiest glasses and pocket protectors and do some serious research of your industry online and find out who your targets are this month. It'll come in handy for those gift guides and holiday product pitches!
  • Start planning for 2013 — Take a few steps back and look at 2013 as a whole. What do you want to accomplish? What would you like to do better? What are your ultimate goals? Write those down and work backwards. What steps will you need to take to get there? Reverse-engineer your own success.

What are you doing to improve your business this month? Share your goals, ideas, and world domination plans in the comments!

Source: Flickr user digitalART2