Keep Warm: Office Heaters For a Cozy Winter

Chilly temps and cloudy skies can only mean one thing – winter is blowing in like a boss. The weather outside might be frightful, but you can keep clickity-clacking away at the office while keeping your digits and patootie defrosted (without wearing ridiculous Snuggies, scarves, gloves, and layers of sweaters) with these stylish heating devices. Don’t be fooled – they might look cool, but they’re made to keep you toasty warm. Your office pet, start-up partner, and core body temps will thank you.

Portable Office Heating Fans
  1. MAX Fan Heater ($100)
  2. Plus Minus Zero Electric Heater Series ($TBD)
  3. Plus Minus Zero Electric Heater Series ($TBD)
  4. Sciroccoh Brick Wall Heater ($TBD)
  5. Dyson Fan Heater ($400)
  6. Crane Space Heater ($35)