On Trust, Making Money and the Customer Experience


It’s an intimidating, 10-foot-tall hairy giant of a word, but a necessary part of your vocabulary when it comes to your relationships; Relationships with your significant others, your parents, your friends and your mentors. But maybe most importantly for your business (and your wallet), trust is a key factor when it comes to your customers.

Your customers require you to show your trustworthiness by sharing accurate and valuable information; by proving you’re an expert in your field; by going beyond the cut-and-paste customer service responses and instead, exuding excitement for the opportunity to help them achieve their goals; by really giving a damn about what they’re thinking and feeling.

The question is, how do you foster this feeling of trust? A company blog or video series might be one way. A highly engaging and responsive social customer service presence might be another. If you’re feeling fancy (and ready to make the world your bitch) the trifecta of the three can totally kill it … if done right.

And that’s the hard part.

How do you start a blog, shoot video, and have a thriving social presence on a micro business budget and a workforce of one?

The answer: you don’t. Well, at least not right away.

You pick one that’s right for your business and Blow. It. Out. Of. The. Water. If you’re addicted to Twitter, stop stalling and start tweeting for your business. If you can’t stop talking about the latest news, developments, and various aspects of your industry, maybe it’s time you started a blog. Or set up a camera and talk it out on video.

Nevermind if businesses twice your size are doing the social, local, mobile thing like it’s easy. Ignore the guys that have a killer weekly video series with the awesome set. Don’t get caught up in competing with the companies that can afford professional photographers, brand strategists, and top-of-the-line graphic designers. All that? It’s hocus pocus magic and glitter in your eyes if it’s not backed up with an authentic drive and passion for what they’re doing.

Lord knows ever since you benched the cubicle and took up for yourself, you’ve been surviving on passion, so now’s the time to prove it to your customers.

Give them a reason to trust you by being there when they have a question. 

By giving them honest and real advice WITHOUT pimping out your products or services.

By being transparent with their needs. 

No matter the vehicle – blog, vlog, Twitter or Facebook – trust will be earned. And eventually, so will the income.

Source: JanneM