The Secret to Building Site Authority (Without Guest Blogging)

Let me first just say, we're not here to talk about guest blogging. We're here to talk about something I call Link Partnerships. Where do link partnerships and guest blogging differ?

Guest blogging is where you write a post for another (usually bigger, more popular) blog in your niche that contains links back to various articles on your blog. (I know, I know, even MORE writing!) It helps build your authority, traffic and expertise. There are entire blogs dedicated to guest blogging (full of guest bloggers, no doubt), and plenty of guides to guest blogging if you Google it. Check those out when you have a sec.

Website Development by Link Partnerships
Website Development by Link Partnerships

Here's the thing: link partnerships also have the power to increase your traffic, build backlinks to your site, and establish you as a player in your industry, but with the extra added bonus of building alliances amongst other bloggers who's content compliments your own.

So what exactly is a link partnership? It could be the secret to your success, that's what.

You could say it's like a swingers club for blogs. (How can you resist that!?) 

link partnership is when a handful of blogs agree to link to each other on a certain day of the week. The group communicates the content that they'd like featured prior to their respective posts going live, and all their "link roundups" (or whatever you want to call them) are posted on the same day. You could even have a daily link feature if your blogs post frequently enough (ie: more than once a day). This essentially pushes traffic around to each blog, exposing their readers to new authors that cover similar content in their own unique way. Check out point three in this post.

Two things about this method:

  • It's proven — One very large, in charge and popular women's network (disclaimer: my employer) uses this method, has from the very beginning, and now boasts over 75 million visitors per month. Establishing link partnerships from the early stages of their growth helped raise their profile, and all of their partners at the same time.
  • It builds community — One of the most overlooked and undervalued aspects of blogging is a sense of community amongst bloggers themselves. We're so focused on growing our own traffic and establishing our own communities, we overlook the fact that other bloggers are going through the same roller coaster motions and "oh shit" moments as they get their sites off the ground. Forming a link partnership (or Lady Biz Circle as I like to call it) is a great way to build new audiences and share our experiences — a help group for small business bloggers if you will. That can mean the difference between joyful, Flash Dance montage successes and epic temper tantrums and declarations of blog abandon.

So — what do you think about link partnerships? Have you ever heard of them before or is this a brand new idea for you? Are you interested in forming a link partnership? Leave a comment below describing your blog (with a link!) and let's get each other hooked up! Just call me the blog matchmaker.