Building Your Content Strategy: 32 Questions That Need Answering

Creating content around your industry is not only great way to attract new customers, save yourself some marketing costs, and increase sales, but it's the only way that you'll build a long-lasting community around you and your business.

Congratulations! What now?

Before you dive in head first and start blogging, creating videos, podcasts, and free downloads, we need to figure out what the hell you're doing first.



Let your content strategy be your paddle that gets you downstream from Point A to a thriving business. Wondering where to begin? Answer all of these questions and you'll have a good idea as to what your content strategy is, what purpose your content will serve, and where you'll go to find your audience.

  1. What is the purpose of this content?
  2. What kinds of topics do I cover?
  3. What kinds of content am I creating? Blog? Videos? Ebooks? Infographics
  4. What is the voice of my company and how will it translate to this content?
  5. What are the main keywords I want to rank for?
  6. What are my goals?
  7. What does success look like?
  8. What are my resources?
  9. What kind of time do I have available to commit?
  10. What is my social media marketing plan?
  11. Who is my audience?
  12. Who can I lean on for help?
  13. Who are my potential link partners, or others in my industry I'd like to be friendly with?
  14. How often will I post?
  15. How will I plan for this content
  16. How will this content be delivered?
  17. How will I market it?
  18. How will social networks come into play?
  19. How will I amplify its message?
  20. How will I grow a community around my content and my business?
  21. How will I make my content visually appealing?
  22. How will people share my content?
  23. Why am I creating content?
  24. Why would anyone share this content?
  25. When will I begin?
  26. When will I post the content?
  27. When will I know I am successful?
  28. When will you repurpose old content and make it new again?
  29. Where will my content be posted?
  30. Where will I get my inspiration?
  31. Where is my audience on social media?
  32. Where will I find images to use alongside the content?
Source: Unsplash: Louis Llernea