Why Every Blogger Should Take a Copywriting Course

As a blogger, you should always be improving your craft. And if you're taking your blog from hobby to business, it's even MORE important to keep raising your game in order to communicate clearly to your audience, entertain, and inform. 

Taking a writing class wouldn't be out of the ordinary. But here's a pro tip: take a copywriting course, instead

Why copywriting? 

Copywriting teaches you how to laser in on your writing voice; To convey the emotion, the urgency, and the benefits of what you're writing about. It helps you compel your readers to take action. And since you know now that emotion and action are the two most important elements of your blog post, copywriting can help you work those muscles better than Crossfit. 

Here's a class I've taken and recommend from Ashley Ambrige of The Middle Finger Project. As you might expect from the name, her style is not for the faint of heart — prepare for some F-bombs! — but her methods are incredibly effective. 

And once you flex your writing muscles, make sure you're coming up with some killer blog post ideas with the Creativity Booster — a FREE guide that gives you 21 ways to brainstorm better blog post ideas that your readers will love (and love to share). Download it for FREE by clicking the button below! (Did I mention it was free?)