4 Steps to Find Your Kanye-Fidence

You know who I love to hate? Tech CEBros. 

A Tech CEBro isn't just a CEO of a tech company — he's also a douche that thinks his app that gamifies online shopping is going to "change the world." 

A Tech CEBro doesn't seem to mind that the entire world thinks he's a douche and his app kinda sucks, because he's totally, 100% confident that he will "disrupt" the way people shop online forever; Amazon be damned. 

A Tech CEBro has enough confidence for himself and five of his friends (who just so happen to be his top programmers), has an "exit" plan that will allow him to retire at 35, and become an "angel" investor to other up-and-coming CEBros in "The Valley." 

And you know what? He'll probably do just that.

You know why? Because he totally believes it. He lives it. He breathes it. He makes others believe it, too. It's like bro-magic. It's Kanye-fidence. 



Kanye-fidence (noun): Full trust and belief in ones powers or abilities; to love thyself and hold oneself to the highest standards; To believe oneself to be God-like. (Origin: Kanye West)

If there's one man that CEBro's can look to for their confidence, it's Kanye West. He may think he's a God, but God love him, he's an inspiration and masterclass in self-confidence. 

How many times have you said to yourself: 

I'm not good enough. 

I have no clue what I'm doing and it shows. 

No one is going to buy from me. 

Blogging is so hard and confusing and I'm probably doing it wrong. 

Other people are doing this whole blogging thing better than me so I might as well just quit. 

I know. I've been there, but you know who would never allow himself to actually believe these things? That's right — Kanye. With Kanye West celebrating a birthday on June 8th, I thought it would be the perfect time to highlight all the ways he can inspire you to have more confidence in your everyday life. Drink in these lessons, friends, and may Kanye forever live in your hearts. 

Declare Your Dopeness 


What happens when you start telling people that your latest blog post or product is so fucking amazing that it's going to change lives? You start to believe it. And so does everyone else. And then you actually MAKE it life-changing. It's the power of persuasion — when you persuade yourself to believe you're going to kick some ass, you usually do. 


Pump Yourself Up


Back in 2005, Kanye told The Guardian, "Come on now, How could you be me and want to be someone else?" And you know what? Deep down? It's kinda true. Who wouldn't want an endless supply of confidence, skill, creativity, and cash? I'd like to mainline that 'ish right now. But in order to get there (at a more manageable level), you need to be fearless in the belief that YOU. WILL. GET. THERE. It really is about blinding everyone behind a wall of fabulousness so they can't see your insecurities. I'm sure Kanye has them, but you'd never know it. 


Always Be Improving


Yes, Kanye believes he is the best, but one could also say that he is constantly working to better himself. To create things that are better than his last thing. To make a bigger impact, bigger headlines, and bigger waves than ever before. It's how he became a household name in the first place. So while you may not want to declare yourself a Goddess anytime soon, you can learn from Kanye's tenacity to always be improving. Work hard to outdo yourself.  Invest in yourself through classes, courses, and experiences that will make you a better businesswoman. 

Create a Confidence Persona 


If all else fails in your quest for confidence, put on a different "face" altogether. Beyoncé does it: when she hits the stage, her alter ego "Sasha Fierce" takes over and allows her to completely lose herself in her performance. She separates herself from the stage. You can do the same thing when you're writing, podcasting, vlogging, or marketing your business IRL: create a different persona to do those things for you. This persona can be everything you may not be: confident, ballsy, and a skilled schmoozer. It may even be Kanye himself. Create a ritual to let this persona take over. For example, you could wear a certain shade of lipstick, or a ring, or an item of clothing to signify that it's your alter ego's turn to #werk the room. Before you know it, your persona may actually become a little bit of you. 

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