3 Ways to Find Trending Content on Pinterest

For Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it's pretty easy to see the trending convos people are having around the world, which also makes it really easy to create trending content for your blog.

But for Pinterest? Ehh, maybe not so easy. This is because Pinterest is well known as the place where you can score major traffic wins on seasonal and evergreen content, but did you know that you can also find trending content on Pinterest that will result in even more clickthroughs to your site?

In fact, you could consider Pinterest trends as a little crystal ball into the future — if it's trending on Pinterest, it's likely going to BLOW UP on fashion blogs, food blogs, DIY blogs, and more, veeeerrry soon.

So while you should absolutely plan and execute seasonal content with Pinterest in mind, you can fill the gaps and hop on Pinterest trends early in order to reap the rewards later. Get enough repins early on in a trend and your little Pin may end up sending you thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of visits to your site every single month. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Here are three ways to find trending content on Pinterest:

Popular Feed

Likely the most popular way to find trending content is the Popular Feed. Check out the hot searches happening on the site right now and the pins that are getting some serious traction.


Search Drop Down

This handy little tool shows you the most popular search trends on the network. Because search trends change often, Pin any content you already have created to Pinterest for a quick boost. Be sure to use a descriptive and keyword-filled caption!


Guided Search

Did you know that Pinterest's Guided Search is actually showing you the most popular keywords associated with your search? If you hit up the popular feed and see that — for example — thigh tattoos are popular right now, drop that search term into your search bar and see what pops up. The guided search results are actually in order from most popular related keywords, from left to right. So in this case, "thigh tattoo ideas" is hottest, followed by "thigh tattoo flowers" and so on.

Source: Unsplash