How To Use Pinterest Trending Topics to Bring in More Blog Traffic

The thing about Pinterest? It's not only a great place to find evergreen content — those seasonal or "anytime" topics that work year after year (think: how to peel an egg in less time or how to roast chestnuts) — but Pinterest can also give you a unique look into the hearts and minds of most women in America in real time. 

79 million women use Pinterest weekly, and what they're searching for can serve as inspiration for new content AND help you bring in big time traffic in a shorter amount of time. In fact, "remarketing" old content on Pinterest to currently trending topics can help boost your traffic month over month. Let's take a look at where you can find popular and trending topics, and how to repurpose old seasonal content for new trending wins.

Where to Find Popular + Trending Topics

There are three places you can find popular and trending topics on Pinterest: the popular page, the search bar, and within guided search. Let's look at each one by one.

Popular Feed

Likely the most popular way to find trending content is the Popular Feed. Check out the hot searches happening on the site right now and the pins that are getting some serious traction.  


Search Bar Drop Down

This handy little tool shows you the most popular search trends on the network. Because search trends change often, Pin any content you already have created to Pinterest for a quick boost. Be sure to use a descriptive and keyword-filled caption!


Guided Search 

Did you know that Pinterest's Guided Search is actually showing you the most popular keywords associated with your search? If you hit up the popular feed and see that — for example — thigh tattoos are popular right now, drop that search term into your search bar and see what pops up. The guided search results are actually in order from most popular related keywords, from left to right. So in this case, "thigh tattoo ideas" is hottest, followed by "thigh tattoo flowers" and so on.


How to Repurpose Old Content For Trending Wins 

So let's say you're going deep on some trending research and come across a topic that totally fits a post you wrote about last year. You don't have to burn holes in your computer screen wishing this trend would have popped up 12 months ago. Yes, you were ahead of the curve then, but you can quickly jump on this trend now without writing a new post.

Here's how the magic happens:

  1. Dig up your old post and give it a quick makeover by updating the headlines, the images, and the copy to fit your current style and tastes. We're constantly evolving (whether we realize it or not), so give your old post a once over and make any improvements that are needed. A word of warning: changing the URL to boost general SEO will break any links in to your post and wipe share counts, so keep your URLs the same.
  2. Republish your post to the top of your feed. Actually change the date to today like its a brand new post.
  3. Create a couple of new Pinterest images. I have a couple of different Pinterest templates that help me make these suckers fast. Just load up a few different images, and angle each pin a bit differently so you can post them on more than one board. For example, if the trend you're tracking is pastel eyeshadow and your post is a tutorial on how to get a great pastel eye, then one pin can be about the tutorial itself (posted on a tutorial or how-to board) and the other can be about a killer pastel eye color to try (posted to a makeup looks you love board). Savvy? Great.
  4. Post the pin graphics to Pinterest right away using lots of keywords and a thorough description of what the post is in the caption.
  5. Schedule them on Buffer (or similar social scheduling service) to go out on Pinterest again during peak hours.
  6. You could also cross post your new images to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

That's the skinny. What do you think about that?

Here's the big, bolded-letter warning: getting sucked into chasing trends can easily take over your life so ONLY do this once you get your system down to maximize your time.

And if you want even more on making your Pinterest account a search magnet, download my free guide to optimizing your entire Pinterest life, 7 Elements to Optimize for Pinterest Search Success.


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