5 Steps to Kick-Starting Your Ghost Blogging Career

On this week's episode of The Launch Ladies Show, I chat with blogger Ashley Grant about how she wordsmithed her way to a sustainable ghost blogging career. Head over to the show notes page or iTunes to download and listen now! (Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE while you're there!) 

Below, I've broken out five of her top tips for kick-starting your own ghost blogging career. 


1. Use Your Lack of Knowledge to Your Advantage

Ghost blogging can be an intimidating industry to break into, especially if you're a freelancer that's working with clients in lots of different industries. You obviously won't know everything about everything, but Ashley says you shouldn't let that intimidate you since she finds that you can actually use your lack of knowledge to your advantage and 

Ashley says, “When I start working with a client and they ask what I know about their business, I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know much, but that we should use that to your advantage." She'll then throw out some topic ideas that she would want to know about the business (as a newbie), and then connects the dots that potential customers would probably want to know the same things. 

2. Do Some Research  

Freelancing opportunities don't just fall on your doorstep, but rather than looking at sites like Fiverr or Elance (which tend to be a "race to the bottom" for rates), Ashley recommends checking the websites of some of your favorite companies to see if they have an active blog. If they don’t, send them a pitch with a few topics you'd like to write about. 

3. Think Locally

Some of the businesses you know and love the most are right in your own backyard. Ashley recommends grabbing your local business journal to get started ghost blogging. “[Business journals] give you a plethora of businesses at your fingertips and you can just start going down the line looking at their websites and make connections that way.”

She also says to be prepared for a lot of cold calling and sales pitches, though. “It is a lot of putting yourself out there and saying ‘I know how to write and you look like you need a writer.’” 

4. Be your own client.

As a freelancer, Ashley is always on the lookout for new clients, but she says that you should also treat yourself as one by keeping up your own blog to highlight your skills. She says, “When someone asks you to send them some of your posts that you’ve written, it’s hard because (as a ghost writer) my clients won’t let me.” 

Keep up your own blog to show off your skills, and send those clips to potential clients. 


5. Get It Right the First Time

One of the best ways to cut down on revisions and rewrites for clients, Ashley says, is to clarify what exactly your client wants you begin writing. If a client wants you to write about Tahiti for example, Ashley says, “there’s a lot you can write about Tahiti; What exactly do you want me to say about Tahiti? Bottom line: what your idea of what someone wants, and what they actually want could be two completely different things.”  


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