How to Define Your Blog's Content Strategy For More Readers (and Income)

There are a lot of elements that go into creating a successful blog — you have to consider consistency, social media marketing, engagement, and community, and while those things may attract readers and advertisers, the one thing that will compel brands to partner with you (and hand over the money, honey) is your content strategy.

I say "content strategy" and you may have no idea what that is or what it really means, and you definitely would not be alone.

But here's the deal: your content strategy defines the line between a journal and a marketable, purposeful blog.

Let me break that down a bit.

Let's say that you're a fitness blogger, and you frequently write about your experience with weight loss, fitness, food, all those awesome things fitness bloggers blog about. When you implement a content strategy, you move from a journalistic hobby blog to a value-based, audience-focused approach. So while you absolutely should weave your personal experiences throughout your content and tell those stories you're so good at telling, a content strategy forces you to put yourself in your readers shoes and create content for what they need.

So rather than simply talking about how you got shin splints during your last run and how it effected your time, you talk about your shin splints plus actionable takeaways to prevent them, and how those methods improved your performance during today's run.

You're solving problems. You're giving someone a reason to read. And that last statement? That's at the heart of a content strategy — why should someone read this post? What value are you providing to someone?

Once you flip your mindset and start producing blog posts that serve a clear purpose, that's when you'll start getting more attention — through new audience members AND brand advertisers.


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